The story unfolds

Here you can follow the story in a novel like fashion compiled from the emails sent publicly to the whole group. It is not a perfect told story depending on the media we use to communicate. The story will shift from first person to third person depending on who wrote the email compiled in to the story. But this would is an easier way to follow the story than trying to read all the separate emails.

  • The story starts in Tix.
  • In the cell belov the govenors palace (Part 1)
  • In the cell belov the govenors palace (Part 2)
  • Mac Kodiac's story.
  • In the cell belov the govenors palace (Part 3)
  • The door opens
  • In the courtyard
  • Leaving the courtyard

  • The following parts is an account of what Sir Manon Ehron does after leaving the courtyard. If you take part in the game either skip these parts or read them and remember to role-play you don't know what happened.

  • Walking towards Old Dun Cow
  • Meeting up with Beren
  • Last preparations

  • Here the group have met up again.

  • Outside the gates
  • On the road
  • Visions
  • The Dragon
  • The battle site
  • Northbound
  • Airborne
  • Following the trail
  • Assasins campsite
  • Mountain chateu

  • Things are heating up in the chase for the elves!

  • In the desert again
  • The Battle
  • The Jade Clan encampment
  • The captive elves
  • In the desert with the elven prisoners
  • The stranger
  • Kai
  • Conclusion
  • The End

    If you want to read the story off-line here is your opportunity to download all of the parts of the novel. (All of it is written in html.)
    Download:"The story starts in Tix" to "The Dragon"
    Download:"The battle site" to "Conclusion"

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    Last updated 14 July 1998