Mac appears to be in some sort of a trance, his eyes closed. 

Mac opens his eyes, his head swivels left and right as if looking around.
When he looks in your direction, it seems as if he's looking through you
rather than at you.

Everything about Mac appears normal. His eyes focus towards the sky in the east as
if he's watching something come from that way. He then looks directly up at the

Mac pulls his cloak tighter around him and madly looks around him. His face
turns pale white. Then he screams. 

Mac's body goes limp. You realise that all of this happened within a few 
seconds time frame. 

Mac opens his eyes and looks around. 

"What I saw was most terrifying. I was standing in a rocky portion of the
desert. Not this desert, but the Melnibian desert, at night. I believe that
all of you were there, I know for a fact that Kai was there.

From the east black storm clouds rolled in and stopped directly overhead.
From these clouds came a black rain. As the rain landed on the horses they 
began screaming and fell to the ground. As the rain soaked through my cloak
and clothes, I felt an intense pain and began writhing on the ground, as did
everybody, except Kai. Kai stood there as if nothing was wrong. As if nothing
had happened. Then everything went black.

What I believe I saw is something that I have seen before. "

Mac turns to Kai. "What I saw seems to me as what I talked to you about before ,
the place in the desert. It has to be"

Mac then sits down and shakes his head.

"If this place has gotten worse and it seemingly has, we are in for a rough
time. I was in the vicinity before, a long time ago. The party I was with 
was nearly killed by the zombies who were apparently protecting the black pool"

Mac looks around at the group and his shoulder slump with resignation.

"This does not bode well indeed."

"the fact that you have felt a compulsion to check out this pool in the
past and have had dreams and visions regarding it may have influenced
this lesser vision i have brought you" says Kai in response.  "the fact
that i am with you does not necessarily connect this event with our
current quest either for i do have an interest and plan to accompany you
there at some point in the future"  He looks around at the rest of the
group, a challenge in his words if not in his plodding diction "will not
any of the rest of you try and see if your vision agrees with that of

Gwar, seeming totally uninterested, quickly stands and states
"I too had a vision. While we were in the city  I saw hundreds
of zombies lead by an evil elvish mage..." Gwar's glance slowing
turning to Quill.

"Yes?" Quill inquires.

"What of all this magic we use here? Cannot our unknown
enemy feel our presence the more we use magic?

"You do have a point there. Perhaps we should keep our use of magic to a

"if you are having visions unprompted of this undead army as mac was
then perhaps we are drawn together by more than chance" states Kai,
turning to Gwar, "as i myself was in mac's vision and perhaps more of us
as well"

Watching with fascination what happens with Mac the count listens 
carefully what Mac has to say.

Sitting down he utters "I don't really understand. What is this black 
pool and this black rain? And why was only Kai unaffected?"

"Beren, bring me something to eat, a ration will do for now" Manon 
orders his squire. "And some water... ahh, never mind I will make do 
with this wine Quill made"

Turning to Quill sir Ehron asks "Now who is this Max, is he created 
or summoned or what? And why is he so impolite as not to return a 
greeting when given one?"

He is summoned. He and his companions are usually not in human form so he
does not know how do react a in civilised manner. Quill answers.

While Kai, Mac, and Quill are conjuring and discussing visions...

Kirion has been tagging along at his usual slow pace.  Taking a look
around, he begins to move a bit further away from the others.  Studying
the horizon, Kirion begins to lose his form...and in a matter of a few
seconds takes on the form of a smallish dragon!

The dragon launches itself into the air, circles low around the thicket you
are all in, and heads off to the east, gaining altitude.

A few moments later, he is almost a mile away, and a hundred feet in the air.

"twenty year olds" quoth Kai "what is that in human years   five   no
patience and little subtlety  a majestic sight though i troth"
The story continues...
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