Last preparations

(This is an account of what Sir Manon Ehron does. If you take part in the game either skip this part or read it and remember to role-play you don't know what happened.)

While Gwar, Beren, Quill, and Kirion are discussing what next to do in the
tavern Manon comes walking down the stairs, followed immediately by Kai and 

As Manon comes down from the stairs he sees the rest of the group 
standing in the tavern.

"Ahh, well that you all are here. I am planning to have lunch now 
before I depart town. Feel free to join me."

With this the count approaches the innkeeper and says a few words to 

"Excuse me sir, could you please organise paper, ink and a pen for me 
please. Then I also want to order lunch for myself. I will be 
sitting" pointing to a table next to the wall "there."

Mac says "Well it is nice to see us all together again. We all have sensed 
that something is not right in town. We are meeting in 2 hours at the North 
Gate. I have my provisions and am ready to go. I am going to exit the 
North Gate and will wait outside the gate until we are ready to leave.

I will see you as you come out and will meet with you there."

Mac and Kirion both leave the building heading for the North Gate.  Neither man has
a horse, and neither seems to be carrying much for the journey.  Manon and Kai
approach the bartender.  Kai orders a drink, finds himself an empty booth, and sits
down, facing the door.  Manon orders a large lunch, has the bartender bring him
some writing materials, and begins drafting a letter while waiting for his meal. 
Beren sits next to his liege, and orders himself a large meal as well.

Manon speaks to the bartender, and sits with Beren at a table.  A few minutes
pass, and a stable boy brings some paper, ink, and a quill to Sir Manon. Manon
begins writing, and has just finished when a serving girl brings him and
Beren their meals and drinks.

Manon finishes his letter:

"Tix 2 June 660 AL

To the Governor of Tix,

Through different sources I have come to suspect an attack upon Tix in
the very present future. Maybe already this night. 

Ignore this or prepare your defences as you will.

Count Manon Ehron, captain of the River's End army."

Finishing his lunch Manon walks over to the innkeeper and returns the 
writing utensils and gives some money to the innkeeper.(Five silver pieces 
for the paper and ten for the two meals.)

The count walks up to Kai and says "Good luck my friend. I depart now 
and will take your horse with me. We will meet as decided"

The count now leaves the Old Dun Cow.

As Manon leaves the inn he urges Beren to take care of Kai's horse. 
Himself he mounts his own beast and trots gently towards the north 
gate. Beren follows on his horse.

At the gate the count calls for the chief of the guards.

When he arrives Manon says "Well met, I am count Manon Ehron and
I have an important message to deliver to the governor. Would you
take this letter and send it to the governor as fast as possible. It
is regarding an urgent matter."

"Well met, Sir Ehron.  I will dispatch a runner at once."  The Captain calls
to one of the guards at the gate, who trots over at once.  Taking the 
scroll from you, the Captain hands it to the soldier, saying
"This is an urgent message for the Governor.  See to it that it finds its way to
him swiftly."  The soldier takes off down the street.

The Captain turns back to you.  "Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?"

"You have already done me a great favour," Manon responds "I thank you 
for that"

Nodding the captain good-bye Manon and his squire proceeds to leave 
Tix through the open gate.
The story continues...
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