Hearing Mirtil shout the count darts toward and in to the teleport 

In response to Mirtil's yell from below, Kirion gets up and heads 
downstairs, followed closely by Manon and Beren.  A few moments later, the three 
of them are in the summoning chamber, where Mirtil and Kai are standing.

When the last of the stragglers arrive, Kai drones out "it is time 
tell me when you are ready count i am completely under your instruction"  as he stands in 
the centre of the summoning chamber, facing Mirtil, with a piece of the wand in each 

By the time the Siawn and Fox duo arrives, they find Kai standing in the chamber's
centre, mask back over face, scanning the half circle of others standing near
the chamber entrance.

"Well well" retorts Manon "next time you want to summon us" looking 
angrily at Mirtil "you better not shout as if your life where at 
stake. Everybody quickly go get your gear for desert travel, we are 
about to follow the departing elf mage"

Ehron himself fixes his travelling gear and secures weapons and 

As everybody is ready Manon nods to Kai "We are ready, let us depart"

"No, wait," hisses Mirtil and grabs Manon's shoulder, worry in his 
face. "He said exactly this sentence when he arrived - when only I was 
here -  and nothing more! Look in his eyes - he stares nowhere - it's 
not this usual concentrated gaze of him! I bet he's under some 
enchantment. He said Dax left as a guide with the elf, and the 
sentence you just have heard, and nothing more. He don't react on 
questions. Believe me, if we use the wand to return into the desert, 
we will have a bunch of those mages Siawn was speaking about waiting 
for us in ambush, and we will be roasted into ashes before you say 
'God, what a surprise' ! And one more thing - his sword is missing - 
look, the left scabbard is empty. They fought somebody with Dax, and 
lost the fight, I think."

Mirtil turns to Kai, saying slowly and quietly: "Kai, can you give me 
the  wand, please? Or can you give it to Manon?"

Looking closely at Kai the count asks "Kai, what have happened to you 
in the desert? Where is Dax and what have you done with your sword?"

Leaning in close towards Kai Manon awaits his answer.

Kai's head continues to turn smoothly, his eyes staring flatly in line 
with his head as he drones "dax went to serve as a guide to the elf and I 
believe they are to go to the north"

On closer observation, he can be seen to have a piece of the wand in
each hand, and indeed the left scabbard at his belt is empty, although
the right still holds the matching rose hilt, and the heavy black 
crossbow is cranked and fitted with a black bolt which matches the full quiver 
slung over his side.

Grains of sand are scattered around the area where the black clad Hawk
stands motionless save for his slowly turning head.

Siawn looks around quickly, and notices that Kai still has the wand.  
He backs up against a wall, and says quietly, "I'd suggest backing away 
from the man. He is still holding the wand."

When is back is against the wall, he starts fidgeting, his eyes going 
every which way, and he pulls out a knife and starts playing with it 

"Well," says Mirtil, his eyes fixed on Kai. "So now you know both of 
the sentences he is able to say in his current state. Please, let me 
act, there is obviously some magic in play. Don't do any fast moves, 
and keep away from him. But please, if something odd happens, try to 
get me from it alive and in one piece."

Mirtil slowly closes to Kai, and softly touches the wand.

Kai shows no sign of comprehension or reaction whatsoever,
continuing to move just his head in the same pattern as before.

The wand seems solid, no simple illusion at work, at any rate.

Speaking out loud "Before our last battle Kai told me he might get in 
to some kind of trance where he would behave strangely but follow my 
orders and mine only" the count concludes. "If there is a battle going 
on and Kai have been enchanted or charmed, which I hope is not the 
case, we better prepare and return promptly. Prepare spells, ready 
your weapons and I will ask Kai to return us to the desert."

Drawing his broad sword from it's sheath Manon concentrates a second 
and then waits for the rest of the party to get ready. "Ready when the 
rest of you are ready" the count utters.

Turning towards Kai Manon tells him "Ready your weapon Kai and prepare 
yourself for a fight"
The story continues...
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