Kai, Manon, Beren ride slowly toward Gwar's position to the north.  Mac 
follows, with Dax slightly behind him.  Kirion and Quill remain, as yet, in
the valley.  Gwar moves to meet the group.  Everyone but Kirion and Quill
meet up a couple of hundred yards north of the battle site.

Once Gwar meets the group he states "I think I'll travel a little
ahead, maybe 20 meters, of the main group, with our guide if you 
don't mind." he motions to Quill, waiting, scanning again around the area.

Addressing the barbarian Manon speaks "Dax is our guide, hired by me 
through Kai. Dax can also speak for himself, he is not mine to 

Nodding towards Dax the count turns his horse around. "I will ask 
Kirion and Quill whether they come or not."

Passing Kai the count addresses the huge man "I will ask Quill to send 
his servant to warn Tix. What shall we warn the Tixians of?"

Kirion accompanies Quill to meet up with the rest of the group.

As Manon meets with Quill and Kirion on their way north to catch up 
the count greets them and turns Thunder northward again.

Meeting up with the rest of the group Ehron says "Well, easy enough 
to follow these assassins, but what of warning Tix?. I already warned 
the governor of an attack when we left town, but how do we convey 
this encounter to the city of Tix?"

"my obligations lies not to tix but rather the spirit of captain orothor
agoth who lies slain there betrayed on the field" replies Kai, "and not
in some metaphorical sense but rather by direct converse  to put that
spirit to rest i have sworn to warn tix and pursue his slayers"  

"since it appears quill's servants will not suffice" drones Kai, "i
propose that kirion carry the word  unless there is someone amongst us
who can cover the distance faster than a dragon's flight" 

Kirion frowns... "We will not return to Tix.  We go forward, not back."

Swinging his gaze over to Kirion, he continues "if it is not in your
nature to run this errand i can understand though i feel it would be the
fastest method available to us   failing another faster messenger then i
will return myself"

"beren  will you mind my horse until my return" he adds, turning to the

"Kai" The count starts off "I hope you don't plan to walk back to Tix 
and then walk back to catch up on us? And alone? I rather go with 
you, riding swift back to Tix."

"run not walk and i fear a journey of that distance would likely kill a
horse although purchasing replacement steeds there might be an option"
Kai replies laconically "yet i made the offer only to demonstrate my
sincerity as i was sure there would be a faster way available to one of
the group"

Turning to face the other Ehron continues "If we run in to Elven 
patrols or regular army we asses the situation and either sneak past 
or ride back." 

Facing Kai Manon addresses the black clad man "I will ride with you so 
we can return swiftly to the group. But remember I already warned the 
Tixians of an attack"

Speaking only to Kai "What did you pledge? To warn Tix or to inform 
what have befallen to the dead captain?" the count solemnly asks.

"tix must be warned  these elves must be stopped  their intent can only
be to harm tix" drones Kai, "these were the words of the captain  my
promise to him was worded   it shall be as you wish captain i so pledge
you may rest your message delivered and tix itself defended as your duty
demanded" Turning back over his shoulder to face the valley, he
continues "this was enough to lay his spirit to rest  but should i turn
back on those words i fear a revenant aborning" Now swinging to face Mac
he concludes "carrying the message directly to those who interrogated us
would be most likely to have some effect but i feel it is more likely
that we will deal directly with this set of ambushers  thus strive in
the main to follow the letter of my oath here and return to us by best

Mac turns back and walks up to Manon and Kai. 

"I will go, I can go faster than your horses. I will fly."

Mac waits for any expressions from the two men and continues.

"I will leave most of my equipment with you Sir Manon and I will
fly the message and note from the Tixian captain, along with one of the
arrows that killed these men. I will make a brief statement
to whomever I must, then I will return as swiftly as possible.

From the air it will be easy to spot you and I will return
within a couple of hours. Do you have any objections?"

Yet he should not be surprised Manon is. Mac able to fly? Birds fly, 
dragons fly but humans don't usually fly.

"Well no, I don't object" Manon concludes and reaches in to his inner 
vest pocket and produces the bloody note which bears the dead 
captains name. He then hands Mac the note and utters "Be careful"

Dax looks at the falling sun, then to Mac, and says, "Go after ssunfall; it
will be ssafer."  Then he turns quickly away and begins to walk northward.

It is now about 1940.  The western sky is full of bright colours, but it will
be another half an hour at least before the sun sets.

Mac takes the note from Manon.

"Manon, can you carry my equipment until I return. The less
weight I have the easier it is for me. Otherwise I can store it
with the weapons I collected."

"Naturally my friend" The count answers.

"I will only take a few things with me. My wand, The letter, A Black Arrow, 
and my sword." Mac mutters.

Turning towards Beren "Beren, please take care of our good friend 
Mac's equipment until he returns"

"Friends, lets move!" Ehron states. Taking Thunder in to a gentle 
trot to follow Gwar that is moving up front.

Mac opens the bag of potions Kai gave him earlier. 
He opens each of the bottles and tastes each one. 
Seemingly satisfied he takes 5 of the bottles and attaches them
to various places on his belt. He then pulls a wand out of his backpack 
and pull back the lining of his boot and places the wand inside of his boot.
He pushes the lining back over the wand and secures it in place.

He takes off his armour and places it into a bag from his backpack.

When he is done, he is standing in normal clothes with 6 bottles attached 
to his body and a sword hanging from his belt, the note from the captain,
and a black arrow.

He begins chanting and when he is finished he springs from the ground
and begins flying.
The story continues...
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