Leaving the courtyard

Quill turns to Mac and say's "I'd be willing to go with you
 but I have no money to buy a camel or any provisions. If you wish
 that I go with you, then I ask that you lend me a camel and spare
 me some equipment that we will be needing in such a place."

Looking back at Mac, not moving, Kirion responds "We do not wish to stay
here...so we go...but for what purpose?  Shall we inform the leaders here
that we will look for information for them?  If so, shall we see if they
will provide assistance?  Provisions will be hard to locate in the deep

Understanding that Kirion have given this a thought Manon says "It
might be a good idea to ask for an audition with the governor.
Although we might not get it, but if we do we might get valuable
information from him. And he might be happy for some assistance with 
this situation"

Quill responds with 
"Perhaps I could help with that"
Quill takes a few small rocks from the ground stares at them then hands
one to Kirion.
"That is edible now, after I have used my magic" 
With that Quill eats one of the stones.
"Not very tasty, I admit but it can keep one alive."
"And water is also not a problem."

"But I would like to know where you have heard that the desert is
expanding? I have not heard anything about this. Could you tell me more
about this."

"But I would be willing to go with you."

Kai breaks from his position next to the Count to follow, droning "i
have made a study of salanar and can state categorically that it has
been expanding for decades   further it is my carefully considered
opinion that the expansion is neither normal nor strictly the result of
the incursion of humanity and human agricultural habits  i have crossed
the waste more than once and it is not something to be undertaken
lightly  it is my hope that amongst our divers talents may be found some
key or combination to unlock the secrets of the sands where i alone have

Looking over a shoulder while continuing to walk, he fixes on Quill and
continues "will horses eat your managift and canst provide enow of this
and water for not just the five of you but your steeds and mine" not
taking his eyes off the elf Kai here makes a half hopping step to avoid
a barely visible goblet the servants have not yet reached without any
lag in his discourse "as well  i make the total over 78 gallons per
diem  and frequent rest be hard to come by so unless thou'rt prepared to
cast freely without strain there may be some difficulty  too we must
needs prepare for the eventuality that ye may needs cease thy
spellmaking for some reason or for that ye have ceased or deceased

Quill responds to Kai's questioning about his magical abilities with:
 "Water is no problem I am able to summon up enough to satisfy even
 many horses. But I have never needed to feed the food I make to
 any horse, usually I travel on foot.
 If I can find some plant material I can convert any amount of it
 so that one may eat it. But note that if we enter a region where
 the flow of magic is diminished then I will become exhausted
 should I have to create too much of both food and water."
Any not following along would be hard put to follow the continued
monotonous speech as distance intervenes and Kai's head rotates back to
the direction of the courtyard gate "for myself unhorsed i can wander
the desert indefinitely but i see no likely end to this less it is
brought by the association we find here  an this problem is no problem
we leave immediately yet should it be so for any i suggest the northern
city gate this evening at dusk instead  at any rate i must see to my
mount which art stabled at mine inn  then shall we meet in an hour or at

Following Kai on his way out of the courtyard Manon advises. "Let us 
meet an hour before dusk, those who care to join us for a small 
desert trip, at the north gate. Bring mounts and provisions for at 
least a week of travel in the desert." 

The count continues, "I will try to find one or more guides from the 
Jade Clan. I have used them before and speak their tongue." With this 
sir Manon urges his squire to pick up his pace and walks out of the 
courtyard by Kai's side.
The story continues...
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