The Battle

You appear, crossbow ready, with a column of unmounted elves to your left.
The nearest one is 3 yards away, on the far side of his horse.  You aim for
a second, and fire before he has a chance to react to your presence.  He 
drops to the ground as his horse bolts away to the Northwest.  In front of
you, Mac is chasing the next elf to the north, whom Dax is trying to get a
shot at without Mac being in the way.  Beren and Quill are both looking for
targets, and Gwar has engaged another Elf further ahead.  You move forward,
toward Mac's prey and Gwar.  Further north, you see the lead three elves have
grouped together, and appear to be drawing bows. (T1)

You spur Thunder on, manoeuvring to the east of Gwar and galloping northward
toward the elves to the north.  A dome identical to the southern one 
appears around the three, pushing the nearby horse(EH2) outward.  As you close in,
Thunder shudders and shrieks, breaking stride and limping badly.  Looking over your
shoulder, you note a black arrow lodged deeply in her right hind leg, which she now
refuses to put weight on, but wilfully continues northward, carrying your weight
on the other three legs.  You don't see who fired the shot.  In front of you, E1 is
aiming an arrow at your head from within the dome, and E3 is in the middle of
casting a rather involved spell which he's been working on since you began moving
north.  E2 is still taking in the situation, and has yet even to draw his sword. 
Behind you, you hear elven cries as Mac and Gwar drop their opponents one after the
other. (T2)

The dome is transparent almost, shimmery, and a few inches thick.  You don't know
enough to know whether it will admit you, or your sword.  It could only be
an illusion.  The one elf within obviously thinks his arrow will pierce the 
dome to hit you -- you're looking down the shaft of his arrow.

You dismount into the dome, and slide off of its surface, pushing Thunder
Southeast.  You try to swing at the closest elf, but your hand is stopped by the dome, and
your blade is not long enough to reach.  You try again, but to no avail.

Gwar has joined you, and his sword will not even penetrate. One of the elves disappeared
as you dismounted.  Two elves are now aiming their bows at you. (T3)

Sounds:(sort of in order)
Manon: "Kraken, conquer the centre of the dome!"
Mac(to Dax): "Dax, kick some sand on Quill to put him out"
Gwar: "Surrender Elves!"
Gwar: This is your last chance!"

You move east around the dome, then feel yourself become weightless and begin
to rise into the air.  Within moments you are 9 yards up, kicking at the air.
Just before you began to rise, you blocked/dodged the arrows fired at you.  
The good news is, the Elves have reloaded and are aiming at Dax and Mac. (T4)

 Manon: "Mac, get me down from here!"
 Mac: "Gwar, somebody, help Quill!"
 Gwar: Mac and Dax, grab a bow!
(all almost said simultaneously)
 Elf in dome(unseen), near north end: "Surrender or your knight dies!"

You cry out in the middle of the turn, "Gwar, take my sword
and attack the elves!"  Those nearby note his blade in the sand below him.

You hear an elf's voice tell your group to surrender or the knight dies come
from the northern half of the dome.  Presumably he is talking about you. (T5)

 Mac(to Manon): "Manon, grab on"
 while flying Manon downward, Mac continues,
 "Grab a horse and don't let go!"

You get a good look at the battle this time.

Mac flies up, you grab him, he drags you down to a horse, telling you to hold on and
don't let go.  You note he has arrows protruding from each leg.  Gwar grabs your
sword, but the Elves drop back within the dome, out of reach.  To the south, Beren
has entered the fight, and the Elf you shot when you arrived appears to have
regained his feet, and is fighting Kai.  An elf and Kraken are engaged in an aerial
duel of fire, claws, horns, and lightning.

You feel no pull upward, but are taking no chances, and have wrapped the
reins around your wrists and thrust your ankles through the stirrups of horse. (T6)

You ride to Thunder and ready your crossbow.
To your south, Mac is flying toward Quill and Beren, Dax has picked up a bow
and two quivers, and Gwar is on the defensive against the Elves in the dome.

You count only three remaining Elves -- the flying elf and the two archers.  Kraken
appears to be heavily wounded. (T7)

You've cocked the crossbow and drawn a bolt.  As soon as you drop the bolt
into the weapon, you'll be ready to fire.  You note Gwar just took two 
arrows to the head, and seems badly injured.  Kai is approaching the dome
at a full sprint, and Dax is preparing one of the Elven bows.

You also note the flying elf growing closer. (T8)

Kai is fighting the two elves in the dome, and calling for someone to take out the flying elf. 
You're still aiming at the flying elf to make sure you have a good shot, since you're not on
your familiar mount and he's a bit far.  You've aimed for two seconds. Gwar and
Kraken just collapsed. (T9)

You fired at the flying elf and missed, using luck.  You've dismounted and moved to Gwar,
meeting up with Beren, who was apparently coming to in search of your 
sword.  Gwar is bleeding badly from his wounds, but is still alive, and 
breathing steadily.  He'll live, you're fairly certain, as long as he is
attended to in the next few minutes. (T10)

The flying elf descends upon a horse and takes off eastward. Manon finds his sword next to the
injured Gwar mounts his horse from which he just dismounted and takes off following the fleeing elf's

Not even riding ten minutes Manon finds the elf behind a dune obviously waiting for his 
pursuer. The elf holds his hand up and ask permission to speak.

Slowing down his horse Manon comes to a stop roughly ten yards from the

"Speak" Manon commands.

"You must let me continue on unhindered.  I have vital information for
the Jade Clan from my King, and I am sworn to see it delivered.  My
failure could result in another war the likes of which we've not seen for

He catches his breath, then continues.

"Furthermore, I have no wish to kill you, and you must believe me when
I tell you that it would not be difficult for me to do so.  Your band of
brigands have fought well this night, though without honour or provocation.  Go
count your spoils and live another day, lest you find yourself involved in
matters beyond your league."
He pauses once more, apparently awaiting your response.  You hear
Beren's horse approaching from behind you.

"Elf" Manon replies "I bear no anger towards any one who have not proved
worthy of my anger. As there is no time to explain your nor my actions,
I will not respond to your insults."

Hearing the sound of the horse Manon continues swiftly "I leave you to
travel, but should anything befall the Jade Clan I, and my friends, will
pursue you until the end of my days"

Awaiting the reaction of the elf, Manon sits calmly on the borrowed

"I bear them no ill will.  As for my slain comrades, do not think I
will forget them soon.  Until we meet again."

He turns and gallops off in to the dark.  A moment later, Beren comes
over the ridge behind you a ways away.  Seeing you, he turns and reigns in his
horse beside you, asking "Have we lost his trail, my liege?"

As Manon turns his horse making his way back to battlefield and his hurt
companions he turns to Beren "No, I have spoken to the elf, and decided
to let him run. Misfortune and misunderstandings must not have its way
if we want to prevent this war."

Silence and the darkness surrounds the two lonesome characters as they
proceeds through the darkness back towards the battlefield. "Sometimes"
Manon volunteers, "it is best not to slay your enemy."

As you finish speaking with Beren, and turn to return to the ambush
site, Kraken lands a few yards away, carrying a longsword you recognise as

"Greetings Kraken" Manon exclaims. "The elf we were chasing stopped to
talk to me. We spoke and I let him leave. He told me he had to talk to
the Jade Clan to prevent a war, and I sincerely believe him. I do not
want misunderstandings between single persons create a war between
nations. I also warned him that if anything befalls the Jade Clan I will
chase him till the end of my days. He replied he will not forget who
slew his friends"

Shifting slightly in his saddle Manon continues. "I have no wish to
pursue him, but I will listen to what you have to say"

Manon notes that Kraken's breast/hide is still blackened and singed, and he
moves somewhat gingerly, but he seems not too seriously injured.

Manon and Beren ride slowly back toward the ambush site, giving their
horses a bit of a break.  Kraken flies along with them.

About 15 minutes later, the three of you arrive at the ambush site.
Quill's lights remain, as well as the remainder of the horses, tethered
together. The bodies of the dead Elves, except for Quill, lie lined up on the
ground, their equipment gone.  The rest of the group is nowhere to be found.

Arriving at the battle scene Manon dismounts and starts looking for
tracks from the other group members.

Manon find tracks leading to about where Gwar fell.  There are many
tracks back and forth to the Elven bodies, but they all stop near where Gwar was.
There are no tracks leading from the battle zone as a whole.

After waiting for a little while in the desert, Mac suddenly appears,
holding the wand in one piece in his hands, near where  the tracks terminated.

Mac appears in a crouch, as if waiting for an ambush. When none occurs, 
Mac looks at Manon and Kraken to see if they are hurt. 

"Did you find the last elf? I tried to speak with the two we have, but
they say they are on a diplomatic journey and refuse to speak any further.
Gwar is doing doing better, it will be at least a week before he can travel. Kai 
seems nothing more than a weak willed golem guarding the elves at the 
present time. Dax is taking care of Gwar. So what of you?"

Manon replies, "I am fine, but I can not answer for Kraken nor Beren. I
rather get back to the castle before I tell my story, rather only
telling it once rather than many times."

Manon appears to be waiting for Mac to once again break his wand to be
returning to the Castle.

Mac looks to those around him and breaks the wand.

They appear immediately in the summoning room of the chateau.

Mac says, "Manon, Beren, lead your horses out to the storage area and find a place
for them. The other cells already have horses. Let us discuss this
matter soon, we can tell Gwar later as he is asleep."

Arriving in the summoning chamber Manon walks out. He then continues
straight ahead to relieve Kai of his guarding duties. "Kai, my friend,
go and rest I shall keep an eye on the elves"

Kai lowers his crossbow and takes up a more relaxed pose, though still looking
as rigid as usual.

Posting himself as guard outside the door where the elves are kept Manon
inquires about his horse Thunder. "Have Thunder been taken care of, the
arrow removed and his wound looked after? If not so, could someone help
me take care of it"

Manon proceeds to tell the story what happened to him when he left the
party chasing to escaping elf. "Not riding more than ten minutes, the
elf I was chasing stood waiting for me behind a dune. He bade me leave
him go, stating it would not be hard for him to overpower me, which I
may or may not have believed, to meet the leaders of the Jade clan. He
asked me this favour to be able to stop a war. I let him go, telling him
if anything should befall the Jade clan, I personally would chase him to
the end of the world." Making a brief pause the count continues. "I have
no wish killing anyone, and I sincerely believed the elf, therefore I
let him go"

Manon observes Kai and Mac to see in what shape they are.
(Both appear to be fine. You see Thunder, still wounded and apparently untended, in one of the other 

Mac says, "I looked at Thunder. But I am not very skilled in First Aid. I was going to
attempt to pull the arrow in Thunder but was afraid I would do more harm than
good. If you like I will hold Thunder while you pull the arrow though."

Manon replies "Yes I would very much like to tend Thunder." Turning towards Kai "I will 
just see to this and then I will replace you so you can have your rest."

Walking over with Mac to Thunder Manon examines the wound. He then calmly talks to Thunder 
"We will help you my friend." and gently strokes his golden mane.

Gently taking a firm hold of the arrow Manon removes it and tends to the wound.

He then walks back and relives Kai from his guarding duties. Calling for Beren to fetch him
water and food Manon settles down to guard the elves.

Kraken resumes his human form to allow himself more room to move about.  He
returns Kai's sword to him when he sees him inside.

Kai carefully unloads his crossbow and returns it to his horse.  Then,
after leaving the cell chamber, he speaks to the gathered group, saying
"i am prepared to continue to follow the elf and would do so as soon
as possible  while the rest may rest i may continue the chase and ensure
he spoke truly of his intentions"

Manon replies "I am neither hurt nor tired, I will go with you."

Kai: "i will travel most swiftly alone, as i have done today before the battle
you must stay and care for your steed and the wounded  if there are no
objections i would leave as soon as possible"

Mac hands the wand to Kai. 
"You will need this. I am going to stay and rest.
Come and get us when we are needed."

Manon says "Well Kai, travel alone. Be swift to come back if you need
any help"

Kai gathers his equipment, does a quick inventory, seems to note the loss of
his shield in the recent battle, and enters the summoning chamber.  A moment 
later, he is gone.

Dax comes down from upstairs.  Noting the return of Manon and Beren(who is 
caring for Thunder) and Kraken, he speaks to the group.

"Gwar's wounds are deep; without magic he will be unable to travel for
weeksss.  I myssself am alsso wounded.  Have we more potions, and if sso, shall
we use them, no that our battle is finished?"

Manon answers Dax "What potions and what number of potions do we have? For myself, I am 
in no need of healing, but we must tend to those who needs it."

Manon takes a close look at Dax to see how he is wounded.

Manon notes the red bandage applied to Dax's breast, and that Dax is no longer
moving as nimbly as he was.  He recalls the arrow that struck Dax in the 
chest during the battle.

Beren tends to Thunder, with Manon's assistance.  After about twenty minutes,
she is cleaned up and bandaged, though still lamed.

Mac suggests retiring, and Dax reminds him to gather some more healing potions.
Manon posts Beren on first watch over the Elves, not trusting the cells alone
to hold them, and goes upstairs with the others.

Dax takes one of the potions himself, then prepares to give a couple to 
Gwar.  Gwar, groggy, remarks "Magic potions seldom do anything for me." but
Dax gives him one anyway.  Gwar weakly drinks the liquid, then falls back 
asleep.  It has no visible effect on his condition.  This leaves seven chiron

Dax, who is still wounded, requests another for himself, and Mac agrees.  Dax
drinks another potion, leaving six, and lies down on the floor to go to sleep,
his wounds all but healed.

Kirion requests another potion as well, quaffs it, and likewise finds a corner
to sleep in, first transforming into dragon form before lying down.  Mac takes
the 5 remaining potions and leaves them on a table in the bed chamber.  He
and Manon retire to the adjacent room, and sleep as well.

The story continues...
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