In the cell belov the Govenors palace. (Part 2)

Turning to Kai, Quill says
 "As an enchanter I have done quite a lot and at the moment find
 myself looking for a new employer. My old one having been unhappy 
 with my work. So I am at loose ends and find myself with little 
 money. Any employer that recognises my skills for what they are
 worth, would find me a good worker. Do you know any that have 
 need of a skilled enchanter?"

Kai responds "have you some objection then to the guilds  they are in
human lands more prevalent and in my opinion more useful than a team or
certainly than a singleton enchanter  i myself have employed them on
more than one occasion  with their resources they are able to put
together the largest possible team of enchanters who all know a given
sorcery  and supply them with charged powerstones from  their stores so
as to maximise the profitability and speed of the enterprise   too the
demand fluctuates with your wealth of applications   what can you do or
help to do  and what is your temperament regarding work  as one of the
long lived perhaps you see no odds with a three year labour to produce a
single item on your own    if canst but live the while you can charge
full market with no shares  and the thing itself will have the virtue of
the full extent of your skill  rather than that of the least skilled of
your brothers  the trick then is to eat during those three years  here a
commission rather than a speculation would be of aid  yet without detail
as to your abilities not i nor any other could be of aid  sit then and
riddle me of what you ken  for any enchanter must know a decade of
varied small things yet in this litany is little of great value and sure
i am you know at least one of more worth" Now he inclines his head to
the right and casts a sideways glance at the reputed enchanter "as for
your theories of the possessions of spies i must object   any spy of
mettle would avoid the sweep entire   but if one is trying to brazen it
out he will do nothing to call attention to himself now that he would
not have done while being caught  with strong will and perhaps
skryguards he may well hope to pass as one of the rest of us  recall too
that dozens more than we were swept up  if attempts were made to disarm
i am sure there would have been riot in the streets  i faith i myself
would have been one of the rioters  but treated as a gentleman i was
willing to comply and will give them their day before i consider my
parole at an end  tis surely possible they do observe and perhaps even
hope a breakout be attempted which would expose someone they could at
least point out to their superiors as the spy  recall you this that the
leaders of this action hope as like to show success on their records as
to truly stop a spy"

While the conversation is going on Aurel will walk over to the and puts his
ear up to the door.  When that is done you see him looking at the door in

As Aurel enters his field of view, Kai comments "it is of course unusual
to behold the lot thrown in together in this cell  a random assortment
of travellers should include pilgrims  diplomats   merchants  yet we
seem on the face of it to have none of those"  Now his gaze passes from
subject to subject as he continues "aurel an elvish mercenary  quill an
equally elven out of work enchanter" here he lingers "a rare and odd job
description that by the by  gwar here who's task among us is unclear to
me yet hardly seems to fit my common descriptions  captain ehron has
yet to speak up for himself but in my experience he is more likely here
on some adventure than some mundane matter  while his squire is
doubtless here as his aid  and odd it is in this case he would be placed
with us before interrogation  kirion and myself are likewise adventurers
of an unusual and inquisitive sort while mac has left himself without
history yet has not the seeming of anything on my list neither"  He
returns to viewing the door and Aurel's work, reaching up to rub the
hair from his eyes, and run his hands back along his temples to lock
fingers behind his head.  Leaning back into the cradle of his hands, he
continues "it is also curious that i at least am cosseted with none from
the inn where i stayed yet have in my cell two   now three  of my

Now he leans his head to the side long enough to fix Gwar in his gaze
"you may have the right of it regarding our chances of divining the
nature of our predicament at this time" his eyes focus moves to the wall
behind the outlander and then back to meet his eyes and continues "but i
see no hard in speculating and perhaps some small gain  at a minimum we
may amuse ourselves during the wait"

He moves his head back around to face Kirion and moves on to say "you
mentioned that you think mages were conscripted  was this an idle
speculation or meant you some earlier conclusion drawn ere you were

Turning to Gwar Quill says
 "I should be able to tell if they have cast any spell and I will
 usually be able to tell if someone is casting a spell upon you, 
 If you wish I will keep an eye open for you"

Gwar speaks "I do not know you little one, why should you be looking out
for me?" Angrily now "One of your sorcerers charms? Gwar needs no help,
magicians tenfold!" Gwar now glances in each of the respective characters
who have mentioned that they are spell casters.

After Gwar responds, Kai drones "i did  not say i believed the sweep had
nothing to do with a spy rather that it was one of a list of
possibilities that cannot be dismissed   they swept up more than a dozen
others i do not see in this cell  the only reason to think they wanted
us specifically is that we are all in this cell together   until beren
joined us i would have said simply that all occupants of the various
inns were separated to prevent collusion    now though some other order
may hold sway   if we can think of something which we have in common
this may answer the riddle   as you say it shall soon have an answer
from the source  i simply present the idea of searching for it ourselves
as an intellectual exercise and topic of conversation all may have some
interest in"  He digs into one of his pouches, and pulls out a coin,
untying a slip knot that holds it on a cord through a hole in the centre,
and tosses it in an economical motion to Quill. "you are such an
expert   tell me what this is" he says.

Quill Look at the coin 'Is it Magical?', then he casts a spell

 'Identifying o magical Items',(if it is magical),'is not one of
 the functions of a good enchanter. An enchanter worth is decided 
 by the skill of enchanting and the number of spells he can
 enchant, not by his skills in other areas.'

Looking back at Kai Quill says
 "So you believe that this sweep has nothing to do with a spy at
 all. Do you think that the town of Tix is looking for us?
 What use could they have for us? I need employment so I would 
 have been willing to work for them, although it is a bit close to
 the elven homeland for my taste. But the rest of you here don't 
 seem to be the type to be hired. And unwilling employees are the
 worst type to have, I'm sure they would have found suitable people 
 in there own ranks, If hiring is they wanted to do.
 So what other reason could they have to confine us?"

 "Anyway I'm sure that will soon tell us the reason for the
 confinement, or release us."

 "As to my skills as an enchanter I am quite young still but
 I have been told my many that I am the best they have seen.
 I have some spells, and all the weapon enchantments, so I may 
 be of use to many guild."
 If you show interest I would tell you all the spells that I have

 "Single person enchanted items are always better, less interference
 that when many must contribute to the magic. Most of the elven
 weapons are done this way, as can be seen by the high demand and
 quality of these weapons. Of course as you say when one is
 enchanting such a weapon one needs food.
 But my personal opinions aside, I would be willing to work with 
 such a guild, whatever way they wish me to work."

Mac, at some point nodded off. He awakes with a start, grips his katana, 
and looks around the room as if there were a horde of monsters there and 
not a few other people. This lasts but a second and he quickly realises 
where he is. 

He looks around the room once more, looking over the new addition to the 

Mac continues "Kai has a point. Why did we get thrown together? I can 
only come up with two reasons.

1) They put us together hoping to separate us from people we may have met 
earlier. Hoping that we would have to take time to become aquainted 
before resisting or trying to break free. Also by taking us in the mid of 
night, that we may not socialise and just sleep while we have the chance.

2) There is a reason behind the madness. Many cities will hire 
mercenaries to do jobs for them by announcing and holding interviews. The 
biggest problems with these types of groups is they tend to be 
unbalanced. In my eyes this seems to be very balanced group of 
mercenaries. Muscle and Magic are very well balanced.

Gwar looks up, and speaks "Mercenary?, I have done such work." seeming now
ignore the mention of muscle WITH magic....

There is trouble afoot tonight. But look not at each other for the 
suspect, look elsewhere."

Gwar looks very interested now, and seems to be waiting for further information.

After listening to Mac's speech, Manon stands up and says, "A 
proper introduction might be appropriate" Turning towards the table 
Manon continues, "I am Sir Manon Ehron, son of count Grantor Ehron of 
the castle of Han D'or, situated north of the Salanar desert and 
west of the city of Thargrad, and this is my squire Beren Halfhand". 
Turning now towards Beren count Manon continues "You might be dull in 
wits but this time your eyes have betrayed you. These men are not mere 
peasants, perhaps only with a single exception" nodding in the 
general direction of the smelly barbarian, "but men of great valour 
and stature". Taking a step towards a nearby chair and the table "I 
am glad to see you once again Kai Larsen, even though the 
circumstances could be far better." 

With this Manon sits down in the chair next to Kai and starts a 
whispering conversation with the huge bear of a man.

Gwar stands and bellows to Manon -- "An who the hell are you ?
Are you a King in your own mind? In your own land ? I am no peasant,
I have no dealings with your social classes. I am a warrior! Show me your 
proof that I am of your peasant class! And, if you would like to see, It would
be my pleasure to show you I am also of great valour and stature, 
oh mighty King of Han'Dor!

Mac stands and extends his hand toward Manon, fully intent on shaking his 
hand. "Well met, Manon. I think I know of your castle. I believe I passed 
it on my way to Tix."
Mac shakes Manon's hand and continues. "A very pleasant 
area as compared to many around here. Meaning Garia and Thessaly"
Mac walks toward the cell door and tries to peer out of the cell. "I feel 
like a caged beast. I would leave this cell and Tix altogether, never to 
return if I weren't so damn curious."

Purposefully ignoring the shouting monster to his left (Manon could
even smell the brutes bad breath from several feet away) he stands
and shakes the hand of Mac Kodiac. "Next time don't just pass my
castle, but do come and eat, rest and by my honoured guest." Manon
then once again sit down to continue the conversation he had with

Mac continues "I've been to Tix many times and have always enjoyed my stay 
here. But this is just exasperating. The company here is pleasant enough 
and I cannot say that meeting new people is a bad thing. But in a cage?"

Mac turns and walks toward the corner he was sitting in before. And 
ungracefully  slumps down to the floor. 

"This is so damn frustrating. Well if I have the time..."
The story continues...
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