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The best show around, no question about it! Babylon 5 will beat anything anyday. As you probaly already know, some graphics was made by an Amiga, which make it even nicer because I am a proud preowner of an Amiga.
Dinosaurs is probably the second best show ever. The sarcasm, the irony, the cynicism, everything is just sooo great. It was truly a black day when the show was canceled.
Another serie, that perhaps is even better than Star Trek, is the inimitable X-files. The storyline is superb and the characters have that perfect blend of humor, cynicism and governmental conspiracy. The mere fact that David Duchovny have a major role, just makes it even better. I first saw Duchovny as a transvestite DEA-agent in Twin Peaks and propmtly fell in love with his acting.
Ofcurse I am a Star Trek fan and so should you be. Well the Original serie is very nice but I prefer the Next Generation. If you are a trekker then do visit the Klingon Language site

"TNG the choice of a Next Generation".
As you probably already guessed I like to fool around with computers of any kind and in any way. At home I run a Linux system which will give me an adequate feeling of Un*x even at home.
Other TV-Shows I really like are Saturday Night Live (A classic), Thunderbirds (Gerry Anderson Classic), Red Dwarf (English Humor at it's best), Friends and Twin Peaks (Lynch's Masterpiece).



I really like reading and then mostly SF and fantasy, but I have also been known to read almost everything that comes in my way, even rumoured: my course litterature.
It's been said: "Show me what he is wearing and I can tell you what man he is." But I would like to say: "Show me his Web-Site and then I really can tell you what man he is."
Another thing that I really like to do is to get nostalgic about the Commodore 64, relive every moment of pleasure and joy from the good old days. I have once been a proud owner of this magnificent computer, among probably many more of you out there, which probably has changed the computerworld in a profound way. Just imagine yourself playing Bruce Lee, Exploding Fist and Druid again just to mention a few.
I'd recently tried some Java hacking, still very low-style. Just some modification of some sorting algorithms with graphical interface. Still Java is a very nice language and I've actually think I'm starting to like it! As everybody knows Java was developed on Sun Micro System.
When I'm not doing something of the above I most likely is involved in some movie related activity. I really like to watch movies and series of all kind and try to figure out what actor/actress played in what movie, and if you are a equally big fan as I you have to check out Movie Database.
Other shows i really like are the Red Dwarf and Saturday Night Live.
Finally I really do **** Microsoft and Apple and everything they stand for, and would not like to be responsible for making more people discover these things so therefore I will not give you any links to them.

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