The C64 scrapbook

I have tried to present some of my most precious 64 games, games that makes me a true 64 fan! You might see that I mostly have chosen rather old games, but they represent my pioneer years of computers, and what the heck, it's my page I can do whatever I want.

Be sure to check out the all-time oldest 64-games-list.

All music-sources as PSID-format and can be played with sidplayer. Game sources can be enjoyed with the real thing or with any of the emulators available.

Fort Apocalypse

This was the very first game I ever got. I was at a friends place and copied this to tape, without any turbo, just imagine waiting more than 250 tapecounts to play this game (sometimes I got 'load error' *sigh*). But it was great...


I think this was probably the very first game I ever played on the 64. A friend and I played this for hours. I can only say; "they don't do things like they used to..."

Bruce Lee [music]

This was a game I first played on a friends computer, before I got my own computer. We used to play it for days, one player, two player forward, backward any way you can imagine. It was great!

Boulder Dash

Yes! This is the game no true nostalgier can forget. We all met Rockford in the original and then in space and in a construction-kit. But we never seemed to get tired of him.

Exploding Fist [music]
[Exploding First II Music]

Need I say more! This is one of the all-time 64 classics. I was a champion at this. I used to play it up to 10th Dan just for the fun of it. I hope you haven't forgot the bull at the end of the 4th screen...

Impossible Mission

Speaking of classics, here is one we all remember. How many didn't just freak out at Elvins: " Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!". I actually didn't finish this game until about 2 years ago on an Amiga clone.
If you forgot howto play it, read this fine documentation.

Summer Games [music]

One of many Epyx classics. I can't understand how this great company just faded out in the mid and late eighties. These games had it all.

Blue Max [music]

Flying experience at its best. What a feeling, flying under those bridges.


Yet anther old goldie. I used to read the advertisments for this game in computer magazines when I dreamed about buying a 64. Can anyone forget the 'popcorn' ingame music?

Miner 2049'er

Just look at the graphics. I just can't belive we used to play these games but it was probably the playability feeling these oldies gave us.

One on One

Great basket game with superb feeling. You really could feel the rush when you swirled around a made a three-pointer. And how about when you smashed the board!

River Raid

Classic oldie. Shoot and raid at anything on your journey down the river, boats, planes or bridges.

Spy Hunter

I think noone can ever forget this classic. The music alone was enough to make a grown man cry, but the game was also great. Did you also cheat and drive on the right lane outside the screen where you could not get hit by cars?

Thrust [music]

This is one of my favourites. Just look at the game idea. It's so very simple yet so very fun. The simplicity and playability ratio only makes me compare it to tetris.

Druids [Druids II music]

This one of the greatest games I every played. It had it all, playability idea, graphics, music the works. We also used to play it two players, one beeing the golem. Remember the dreamy music for Druids II? It was later adopted by Fairlight in a classic Black Shadow intro.

Wizball [music]

Another of my all time favourites. This is yet another example of a very different game-idea that came through. BTW the game was great.

The Castles of Doctor Creep

Wow, whis game is an oldie. Damn difficult too. I first played it on a friends computer, and he had a diskdrive!!! I was really amazed by the high-tech factor and all that.

The Last V8 [music]

Ooooohh, remember the the opening speach? Goes something like: "V8 return to base imediately.". This game was REALLY hard. I never even came close in finishing this one.


A classic! Right up there with Elite and friends. Sid Mayer really made, and still makes, some really good simulator games.

Ultima 1

Another classic, you can't say your a computer freak if you've not played this one just a little. This game was rather weird, it's the traditional fantasy but after a while you'll get a spacecraft?!

Ultima 4

The last Ultima I played fully, later they became to big. This is also my favourite in the Ultima serie.

Ultima 5

The last Ultima I've played. Later on they really became to big. This one is feasable in size and worth playing.

Wizard of War [music]

This great game, best when played in two-player mode, is still a classic in nostalgic-corners.

Turbo 250, by Mr. Z

Nostalgia!!! Remember all those turbo's? This one was the absolute most used turbo in Sweden/Scandinavia, don't know about the rest of the world. It's done by Mr. Z, a swede, one of the most famous persons on the old C64-scene.

Sound clips

Spy Hunter
Impossible Mission Intro
Impossible Mission Scream


Always on my Mind
Axel F.
Big in Japan
Compilcation, (remix)
Popcorn, (remix)
TV Tunes
Flash Dance
Stand by Me

Greetings goes to:

All Epyx "something"-games, Winter, Summer, World etc.
Uridum, Paradroid, Andrew Braybook.
The Beachhead games, Commando, Airwolf
Defender of the Crown - What graphics, astounding.
Elite - I'm still impressed what the 64 managed.
Never ending story, The Pawn, Guild of Thieves - Remeber the graphics.
All Ultima games.
Yie Ar Kung-Fu I& II - Did you also get a 65 trillion score?
Hacker I& II - Really good and different ideas.
Turbo 250 by Mr.Z, <-L and <-S how can I forget it.
Krakout, Arkanoid
Fasthack'em - Every swappers dream.
Wizard of War, Pirates, Pharao's Curse, Shamus.
Poleposition, Pitstop I& II, Outrun.
Max Headroom, River Raid, Raid over Moscow, Infiltrator, Blood'n Guts.
Rambo, Ocean Loader, [AU], (remix).
Great Giana Sisters, (remix)
Every Monty Mole game.
Every Boulder Dash game, and clones.
Bubble Bobble, Congo Bongo, Leaderboard games.
Commando Libya - what fuzz those moralist stired up.
Delta [PSID], [AU], Sanxion
Druids, Druids II, Ghost'n Goblins.
Soccer, Green Beret, Gyruss, StarWars, Kikstart.
Last Ninja - Fabulous game.
One on One, Nightmission, Samantha Fox strip poker, Snokie, Spindizzy Gyroscope.
Frogger, Spy Hunter, Rally Speedway, Spy vs. Spy games, Trailblaizer.
Hyper Sports, Track'n Field - Remember those last 300 meters of the 1500 race. My joystick was never the same again, and neither was my arm.
Fairlight, WCC, Eaglesoft, Triad.
1541 - How did I live without it.
Rob Hubbard - King of Music.
SID-chip - Ahh that's music.

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