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Patrick Stewart - 07/13/40
ST Role(s): Captain Jean-Luc Picard
   "Antony and Cleopatra"; "Body & Soul"; "The Caretaker";
   "A Christmas Carol"; "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" [also Director];
   "The Investigation"; "King Henry IV"; "Henry V";
   "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; "Miss Julie"; "Uneasy Lies the Head";
   "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"; "Yonadab".
   500 Nations (9?); Death Train [aka Detonator] (93); A Fall of Eagles;
   Hamlet; I, Claudius (76); Inquest for Mozart; Let It Be Me (??); 
   Liberation (9?); Little Lord Fauntleroy; Maybury (series); 
   MGM: When the Lion Roars (92); Nova {Mind of a Killer; 
   Neptune's Cold Fury; To Boldly Go...} [Narrator]; Oedipus Rex; 
   The Planets [Narrator, DTV] (93); Pope John Paul II (84);
   Saturday Night Live [Host]; The Shape of the World [Host, Narrator];
   Smiley's People (82); Space Age [Narrator];
   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Emissary};
   Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94);
   Star Trek: From One Generation to the Next [Host];
   Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
   Churchill: The Gathering Storm (74); Code Name: Emerald [aka Emerald] (85);
   The Doctor and the Devils (85); Dune (84); Excalibur (81); Gorky Park (83);
   Gunmen (94); Hedda (75); Hennessy (75); Jeffrey (9?); Lady Jane (86); 
   L.A. Story (91); Lifeforce (85); The Pagemaster [Voice] (94); 
   The Plague Dogs (84); Richard III (9?); Robin Hood: Men in Tights (93);
   Star Trek: Generations (94); Wild Geese II (85).

Jonathan Frakes - 08/19/52 ST Role(s): Commander William Thomas Riker Theatre: "The Common Glory"; "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour"; "Henry VIII"; "Li'l Abner"; "Shenandoah". Television: Bare Essence (Feb.-Apr. 83); Barnaby Jones; Beach Patrol (79); Beulah Land (80); The Blue and the Gray; Charlie's Angels; The Cover Girl and the Cop (89); Cybill; The Doctors; Dream West (86); The Dukes of Hazzard; Falcon Crest; The Fall Guy; Fantasy Island; Five Mile Creek; Gargoyles [Voice]; Hart to Hart; Highway to Heaven {Family Dispute}; Hill Street Blues {Of Mouse and Man}; It's a Living; Matlock; The New Twilight Zone {But Can She Type?}; The Night the City Screamed (80); North & South (85); North & South, Book II (86); North & South, Book III (94); Nutcracker: Money, Madness & Murder (87); Paper Dolls (Sept.-Dec. 84); Quincy, M.E. {The Face of Fear}; Remington Steele {Woman of Steele}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Defiant}; Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94); Voyagers! {An Arrow Pointing East}; Wings. Pictures: Star Trek: Generations (94).
Brent Spiner - 02/02/49 - Fan page ST Role(s): Lieutenant Commander Data Theatre: "Big River"; "The Cherry Orchard"; "Emigres"; "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour"; "The Family"; "A History of American Film"; "Leave It to Beaver Is Dead"; "Little Shop of Horrors"; "Marco Polo"; "Marvelous Gray"; "The Philanthropist"; "The Seagull"; "Sunday in the Park with George"; "Table Setting"; "The Three Musketeers". Television: Bosom Buddies; Cheers {Never Love a Goalie, Part II}; Crazy from the Heart [uncredited] (91); Crime of Innocence (85); The Dain Curse; Family Sins (87); Hill Street Blues; It's a Living; Hunter; Mad About You; Mama's Family; Manhunt for Claude Dallas (86); The New Twilight Zone {Dead Run}; Night Court; North & South (85); The Paper Chase; Reading Rainbow {The Bionic Bunny Show}; Robert Kennedy and His Times (85); Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94); Sunday in the Park with George; Sylvan in Paradise; Tales from the Darkside {A Case of the Stubborns}; The Twilight Zone; What's Allen Watching?. Pictures: Miss Firecracker (89); Rent Control (81); Stardust Memories (80); Star Trek: Generations (94).
LeVar Burton - 02/16/57 ST Role(s): Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge Television: The Acorn People (81); Almos' a Man (76); Anyone for Tennyson? {A Salute to the Brownings}; Batman: The Animated Series {The Worry Men} [Voice]; Battered (78); Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid (77); Captain Planet and the Planeteers (series) [Voice]; Christy (*95-??); Dummy (79); Emergency Room; Fantasy Island {Edward}; Firestorm: 72 Hours in Oakland (93); Grambling's White Tiger (81); Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (80); Houston Knights {Bad Girl}; The Jesse Owens Story (84); Liberty (86); The Love Boat; Murder, She Wrote {Death Takes a Dive}; One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story (78); Parallel Lives (94); The Reading Rainbow [Host] (83-??); Rebop [Host]; Roots (77); Roots: The Gift (88); Sesame Street; A Special Friendship (87); Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94); Trapper John, M.D. {A Piece of the Action}; Wonderworks {Booker; And the Children Shall Lead}. Pictures: The Hunter (80); Looking for Mr. Goodbar (77); The Midnight Hour (85); Mountains of the Moon (90); Parallel Lives (94); Star Trek: Generations (94); The Supernaturals [Unreleased] (86).
Michael Dorn - 12/09/52 ST Role(s): Colonel Worf ------> Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Lieutenant Worf ---> all the rest Television: 227; Capitol (series); Charles in Charge; CHiPs (*80-82); Days of Our Lives; Dinosaurs [Voice]; Falcon Crest; The Future Is Now: The Sci-Fi Channel Preview; Gargoyles [Voice]; Getting By {The Love Connection}; Hotel; Hunter; Knots Landing; Mary Tyler Moore; Parker Lewis Can't Lose; Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94); W.E.B.; Webster. Pictures: Demon Seed (77); The Jagged Edge (85); Rocky II (79); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (91); Star Trek: Generations (94).
Denise Crosby - 11/24/57 ST Role(s): Commander Sela -------------> Redemption, Part I, Redemption, Part II Unification, Part I, Unification, Part II [Lieutenant] Tasha Yar -----> all the rest Television: Brisco County Jr. {No Man's Land}; Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (83); Dallas; Dark Justice; Days of Our Lives; Desperate Crimes (93); The Family Martinez {Pilot}; The Flash; Gable and Lombard; Hunter; Johnny Bago; Key West (?-? 93); Jack's Place; L.A. Law; Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; Malice in Wonderland [aka The Rumor Mill] (85); Mancuso, FBI; My Wicked, Wicked Ways...The Legend of Errol Flynn (85); Ohara; The Red Shoe Diaries {You Have the Right to Remain Silent}; Sisters; Stark (85); Star Trek: The Next Generation (*87-88); Star Trek: The Next Generation {Yesterday's Enterprise; Redemption, Part I; Redemption, Part II; Unification, Part I; Unification, Part II; All Good Things...}; Tennessee Nights (89); WIOU. Pictures: 10 [uncredited] (79); 48 Hours (82); Arizona Heat (88); Blackwater (89); Crime Zone (88); Curse of the Pink Panther (83); Desert Hearts (85); Dolly Dearest (91); The Eliminators (86); The Man Who Loved Women (83); Miracle Mile (88); Pet Sematary (89); Skin Deep (89); Trail of the Pink Panther (82).
Marina Sirtis - 03/29/59 ST Role(s): Counselor Deanna Troi Theatre: "Hamlet"; "The Rocky Horror Show". Television: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes {The Six Napoleons}; Call Me Mister; Gargoyles [Voice]; Hazel {Hazel Goes to the Dogs}; Heaven Help Us; Hunter {Down and Under}; Masterpiece Theatre; Minder {Ace High -- And Sometimes Very Low}; Raffles {The Last Laugh}; Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94); The Thief of Baghdad (78?). Pictures: Blind Date [aka Deadly Seduction] (84); Death Wish III (85); One Last Chance (90); Star Trek: Generations (94); Waxwork II: Lost in Time (91); The Wicked Lady (83).
Gates McFadden - 08/28/53 ST Role(s): Doctor Beverly C. Crusher Theatre: "The Bloodletters"; "Cloud 9"; "Emerald City"; "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour"; "The Homecoming"; "How to Say Goodbye"; "The Matchmaker"; "To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday"; "Viva Detroit". Television: All My Children; Beyond the Groove; The Cosby Show; Dream On {The Book, the Thief, Her Boss, and Her Lover}; L.A. Law; Marker (Jan. 95-??); Party of Five {Something Out of Nothing}; Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-88, *89-94); The Wizard. Pictures: The Dark Crystal [Choreographer] (84); Dreamchild [Choreographer] (85); The Hunt for Red October (90); Labyrinth [Choreographer] (86); Legend (86); The Muppets Take Manhattan (84); Rustler's Rhapsody (85); Star Trek: Generations (94); Taking Care of Business [aka Filofax] (90); When Nature Calls (85).
Wil Wheaton - 07/29/72 ST Role(s): Wesley Crusher Television: 13 Thirteenth Avenue; ABC Afterschool Special; A Deadly Secret: The Robert Bierer Story; Deadly Secrets (93); The Defiant Ones; Family Ties; Highway to Heaven {One Winged Angel}; The Last Prostitute (91); A Long Way Home (debut, 82); Long Time Gone (86); The Man Who Fell to Earth; Monsters {Shave and a Haircut...Two Bites}; My Dad Can't Be Crazy, Can He?; St. Elsewhere; The Shooting; Star Trek: The Next Generation (*87-Nov. 90); Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Game; The First Duty; Parallels; Journey's End}; Tales from the Crypt; Young Harry Houdini. Pictures: The Buddy System (debut, 84); The Curse [aka The Farm] (87); December (91); Hambone and Hillie (84); The Last Starfighter [scenes cut in video release] (84); The Liar's Club (93); The Secret of NIMH [Voice] (82); She's Having a Baby (88); Stand by Me (86); Toy Soldiers (91).
Whoopi Goldberg - 11/13/49 ST Role(s): Guinan Theatre: "Hair"; "Jesus Christ Superstar"; "Pippin"; "Spontaneous Combustion"; "The Spook Show". Television: Bagdad Cafe (Mar.-Nov. 90); The Best of D.C. Follies: Superstar Comedy; Captain Planet and the Planeteers (series) [Voice]; Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin; Comedy Tonight [Host]; Comic Relief; Comic Relief II; Comic Relief III; Comic Relief IV; Comic Relief V; Comic Relief VI (94); A Different World; The Debbie Allen Special; Dr. Dick's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce; Free to Be... A Family; Funny, You Don't Look 200; Kiss Shot (89); Moonlighting {Camille}; My Past Is My Own; Reading Rainbow; Scared Straight: 10 Years Later; Star Trek: The Next Generation {The Child; The Outrageous Okona; The Measure of a Man; Q Who?; Evolution; Booby Trap; Deja Q; The Best of Both Worlds, Part I; The Best of Both Worlds, Part II; Family; The Loss; Clues; Galaxy's Child; Night Terrors; In Theory; Redemption, Part I; Redemption, Part II; Ensign Ro; Imaginary Friend; I, Borg; Time's Arrow, Part I; Time's Arrow, Part II; Rascals; Suspicions}; Tales from the Whoop; Whoopi Goldberg Direct from Broadway; Whoopi Goldberg: Fontaine... Why Am I Straight?; Whoopi Goldberg Live; The Whoopi Goldberg Show [Host] (92-??). Pictures: Beverly Hills Brats (89); Boys on the Side (95); Burglar (87); Clara's Heart (88); The Color Purple (debut, 1985); Doctor Duck's Super-Secret All-Purpose Sauce (86); Fatal Beauty (87); Ghost (90); Homer and Eddie (90); House Party 2 (91); Jumpin' Jack Flash (86); La Ladrona (86); The Lion King [Voice] (94); The Long Walk Home (90); Made in America (93); Naked in New York (94); National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 (93); The Pagemaster (94); The Player (92); Sarafina! (92); Sister Act (92); Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (93); Soap Dish (91); The Telephone (88).
Diana Muldaur - 08/19/38 ST Role(s): Doctor Miranda Jones -----> Is There in Truth No Beauty? Doctor Anne Mulhall ------> Return to Tomorrow Doctor Katherine Pulaski -> all the rest Television: Batman: The Animated Series {Appointment in Crime Alley} [Voice]; Black Beauty (78); Born Free (Sept.-Dec. 74); Call to Danger (73); Charlie's Angels; The Deadly Triangle (77); Empty Nest; The F.B.I. {Escape to Nowhere; Act of Violence}; Fantasy Island; Fitz and Bones (Oct.-Nov. 81); Genesis II; Hart to Hart; Hawaii Five-O {Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain}; Hizzonner (May-Jun. 79); The Incredible Hulk {Homecoming; Sanctuary}; Insight; The Invaders {The Life Seekers}; Kung Fu {The Elixir}; L.A. Law (*89-91); Locked Up: A Mother's Rage (92); The Love Boat; McCloud (70-77); McCloud: Who Killed Miss USA? (69); Maneaters Are Loose! (78); Matlock {The Trial}; The Miracle Worker (79); Murder in Three Acts (86); Ordeal (73); Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion (91); Pine Canyon Is Burning (77); Quincy, M.E.; The Return of Frank Cannon (80); The Return of Sam McCloud (89); The Rockford Files; The Secret Storm (54-74); Star Trek {Return to Tomorrow; Is There In Truth No Beauty?}; Star Trek: The Next Generation (*88-89); The Streets of San Francisco; The Survivors (69-70); Terror at Alcatraz (82); To Kill a Cop (78); The Tony Randall Show (76-78); The Word (78); A Year in the Life (87-88). Pictures: Beyond Reason (77); Chosen Survivors (74); The Lawyer (69); McQ (74); Number One (69); One More Train to Rob (71); The Other (72); Planet Earth (74); The Swimmer (68).
Michelle Forbes - 02/17/57 ST Role(s): Dara --------------> Half a Life [Ensign] Ro Laren -> all the rest Television: The Father Dowling Mysteries; The Guiding Light (series); Seinfeld; Shannon's Deal {The Inside Man}; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Half a Life; Ensign Ro; Disaster; Conundrum; Power Play; Cause and Effect; The Next Phase; Rascals; Preemptive Strike}. Pictures: Kalifornia (93); The Playboys (92).
John de Lancie - 03/20/39 ST Role(s): Q Television: Another World; As the World Turns (series); The Bastard; Battlestar Galactica {Experiment in Terra}; Black Beauty (78); Captains and the Kings (76); Child Byron (??); Christine Cromwell: Things That Go Bump in the Night (89); Common Pursuit (??); Days of Our Lives (series); Emergency; Get Smart, Again! (89); Houston: The Legend of Texas (86); It's a Living; L.A. Law; Legend (Apr. 95-??); Little Women (78); MacGyver {The Escape}; Man and Superman (??); The Man with the Power (77); Matlock; Miami Vice; The Miracle of Kathy Miller (81); Mission: Impossible; Murder, She Wrote; The New Twilight Zone {Dead Run}; Nightside {Pilot}; The Nutt House {Pilot}; On Fire (87); Scruples (80); The Six Million Dollar Man {Sharks!}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Q-Less}; Star Trek: The Next Generation {Encounter at Farpoint; Hide and Q; Q Who?; Deja Q; Qpid; True Q; Tapestry; All Good Things...}; Testimony of Two Men (77); The Thornbirds (83); Time Trax {Beautiful Songbird}; Trial and Error (Mar. 88); Without Warning (94); The Young Riders. Pictures: Angel of Death (90); Bad Influence (90); Blood Red (88); A Change of Seasons (80); Fearless (93); The Fisher King (92); The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (92); Loving Couples (80); The Onion Field (79); Roxanne (!87!); SST: Deathflight [aka SST: Disaster in the Sky] (77); Taking Care of Business [aka Filofax] (90); Weekend at Bernie's (89).
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