"Fantasy, a dream come true"

J. R. R. Tolkien

THE fantasy writer, the one who introduced the world into a the world of fantasy. His book "The Lord of the Rings" are even to this date one of the most popular fantasy book. It is a magnificent saga about good vs. evil, and the privation of the fellowship of the ring in riding the evil in this world. Tolkien will take you to a world where you will meet Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Gollum , Sauruman, Sauron, Strider, the Nazgul, Galadriel, Elrond, elfs, orcs, balrogs, dwarfs and many more in the fantasy saga of the century.

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Dragon Lance

The Dragon Lance books are written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Their books are more of a traditional fantasy genre, where good battles evil, with chivalry, dragons and fair ladies and where the fights are many and glorious. The Dragon Lance Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night and Dragons of Spring Dawning, tells the story of a party destined to save the world from the evil god and restore balance once more. We will meet Tanis, the leader, Caramon, the big strong fighter, Raistlin, a powerful mage and Carmons twin brother, Tasselhoff, the notorious thief, Flint, Laurana, Sturm, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Tika, Kitiara, and many more.
The Dragon Lance Legends: Time of the Twins, War of the Twins and Test of the Twins, tell a tale of the two twins Raistlin and Caramon. Raistlin have set his mind on challenging the dark queen and take her place as god. Ofcause we will also meet many friends from the first triology.

Want to know more, then check out the alt.fan.dragonlance newsgroups where both Weis and Hickman post on a semi regular basis. There are numerous books written in the Dragon Lance world, some written by Margaret Weis or Tracy Hickman and some by new writers. One to be mentioned here should be Richard A. Knaak, who has among other things written a Dragon Lance book called Huma, I have read some other novels by him and he is a fabulous writer.
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman has also written the "Darksword Trilogy" and the "Rose of the Prophet" trilogy, where the latter will take you to a new and different scene, the arabic deserts.

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Wanderlust for every true Kender.

Margaret Edith Weis was born on March 16th 1948 in Independence MO, Married to Robert William Baldwin on August 22 1970 (divorced 1982). She's got two children, David William and Elizabeth Lynn. Mail to "mag7" or try some of the following: mweis@wisenet.net, mweis@wise-net.com or Margaret.Weis@f16132.n666.z1.mag7.com.

Tracy Raye Hickman was born on November 26th 1955 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Married to Laura Curtis (an Author) on June 17 1977. Children is Angel Dawn and Curtis Raye.
Hickman can also be reach at: TRHickman@AOL.com

David Eddings

By Eddings I have read "The Belgariad" pentalogy and "The Malloreon pentalogy. In these books we are introduced to a very intriguing character cast which makes these books so enjoyable. Garion, later Belgarion, our hero, Belgarath, a famous sorcerer and grandfather of Garion, Polgara, the famous daughter of Belgarath, Silke, the notorious thief, swindler and richest businessman in the world, Errand, the mysterious orphan boy and many more.

David Eddings was born on July 7 1931 in Spokane WA, son of George Wayne and Thoene (Berge) Eddings. Married iwth Judith Leigh Schall on October 27 1962.
He attended Everett Junior College 1950-52; Reed Collage B.A. 1954; University of Washington, Seattle, M.A. 1961.
His current status is 'Writer' but has previously worked as a buyer for Boeing Co., a grovery clerk and as a English teacher.
Served in the U.S. Army during 1954-56.

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Raymond E. Feist

Feist has written some of the very best fantasybooks I've every read. His first book "Magician" will tell you the story of a war between two worlds. In this book you will meet, Pug, a lone boy and a magician to be, Lyam, Martin and Arutha a royal family trying to unite the world. Kulgan, Pug's mentor and Macro, the mysterious magician. In the two following books, "Silverthorn" and "A Darkness at Sethanon", the world again faces a even greater danger than during the Riftwar. Once again our heroes set out to save the world (how unusual for a fantasy book). In the last two books, "Prince of the Blood" and "Faerie Tale", the second and third generation of the royal family, again sets to rescue the world of a dangerous peril that threatens to destroy the world as we know it.

What I like about Feists books are his characters and the way they are treated and presented to us. They bickering among themself in a friendly way that makes them more natural. I really recommend his books.

Vicente Segrelles

Vicente Segrelles is a Spanish painter who has made the "Mercenario" books. These books are actually oil painted comics about the adventures of Mercenario, our great hero. The world is a traditional fantasy world with brave heroes, sorcery, dragons, beasts and many fair ladies who are in dire need of rescue. Everything drawn with an increadible way which make every picture look almost like a real photo.
As far as I know Segrelles has at least finished 6 stories: The Cult of the Sacred Fire, The Formula, The Trials, The Sacrifice, The Black Globe and The Fortress.

More Vincente Segrelles info.
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Boris Vallejo

The Fantasy painter ever. "Seeing is beleving..."
Here are a few examples of his outstanding work of art...

Check this Vallejo archive for more pictures.
If your lucky then try this page.

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