"Science Fiction, for people who can't handle cyberspace"

My favorite SF-authors

Orson Scott Card

My favourite SF author. I simply loved Ender's games , the best book I've ever read! "Speaker för the Dead", "Xenocide" and finally "The Children of the Mind" are worthy sequels.

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Robert Anton Wilson

Most known for his psycadelic masterpice The ILLUMINATUS! Trilogy. Other popular books are Masks of the Illuminati and Schroedinger's Cat.

Every man with serious conspiracy-paranoia on his mind should read his books.

Isaac Asimov

The first person that comes in mind is Isaac Asimov, for whom I can thank for many sleepless nights and wonderful moments. I've started, as probably many has, with the "Foundation" and was totally awed by his imagination and the ability of putting it in writing.
I then proceeded to the two sequels, "Foundation's Edge" and "Foundation and Earth", and the Preludium to the Foundation. All outstanding works. By then I had found out that Asimov have written something called, Robots Novels, and read "The Complete Robot". These stories discuss the social and technical problems of integrating robots into our society. I find these stories even better than the Foundation trilogy.

Isaac Asimov was born on Jan 2nd 1920 in Petrovichi U.S.S.R., brought to U.S. in 1923, naturalized citizen in 1928. Son of Judah (a candy store owner) and Anna Rachel (Berman) Asimov; Married to Gertrude Blugerman on July 26th 1942 (divorced November 16th 1973). Married to Janet Opal Jeppson (a psychiatrist) on November 30th 1978; Children David, Robyn Joan.
Attended Colombia University B.S. 1939, M.A. 1941, Ph D 1948.

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Arthur C. Clarke

One cannot write a science fiction page and not mentioning Arthur C. Clarke. His books 2001, 2010, 2063 and 3001 are very facinating. I made the error of seeing the movie 2001, before I read the book, which made me understand absolutely nothing in the end, but which was revealed to me later by the book.

Arthur Charles Clarke was born on December 16th 1917 in Minehead, Somersetshire England. Married to Marilyn Mayfield in 1953, divorced in 1964.

Douglas Adams

Only works with graphics Perhaps the greatest humor SF writer ever. The "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy in five parts, yes I know it is weird, will make you lying on the floor twisting in agony by all outrageous stupid and weird stuff which are bombarded on you with no mercy. Douglas Adams mix weird science theories, logic, imagination and outrageously stupud ideas into a book with the weiredest story I have probaly read. I still haven't figured out which character of Marvin, the ultimate depression pill, and Zaphod, the twoheaded president of the Galaxy, is the weirdest.
The books about Dirk Gently and his Hollistic Detective Agency are almost as funny as the "HHG" and are definitely worth reading.
Douglas Noel Adams was born on March 11th 1952 in Cambridge England.

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William Gibson

The man who "invented" cyberspace. I have only read three of his books so far, Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive. In these books we will be taken to a future earth were the big corporations have taken over the world and everything is hooked up into the "matrix" the combined space of everything. In here you can experience everything you can every dream of, and have nightmares of too. The world is a dirty one where only the strong and the shrewd will survive, apparently nothing much has changed from out own. If you have seen the movie Blade Runner you'll know what I mean. Gibson will take computers to it's final edge were we all becomes one with the computer. Makes you think that the Internet is just a crewed playground, but then what the hell it has to start somewhere.

Douglas Hofstadter

Well this is not actually a science fiction writer but he certainly deserves to be mentiond somewhere. His increadible book Gödel Escher Bach is one of the best I've ever read in this genre, if it can be put in a genre. This book discuss almost every scientific topic. We are introduced into advanced mathematics, DNA, Various Logical Systems, Zenbuddism, Brainfunctionality and ofcourse Kurt Gödels famous Undecidable Propsition. All this somehow leads to the discussion on whether Articficial Intelligence can be created on a computer and the problems one meets one the way.

It's a very stiumulating book that makes you really stop and think. You are introduced into problems and new angles on problems you'd never thought of. All this might sound very confusing and weird but all I can say is get the book and read it. You'd not be dissapointed if any of the topics above even remotely interests you. I should point out that probably even a non science-major may find this book stimulating. More resources

Hajime Sorajama

This is just an outstanding artist, buy the portfolio and be awed...

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