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"C64, relive your childhood"

Want to feel the nostalgia of the good old days, when computers with 64k memory was astounding? Then you have come to the right place. Feel the passing of ages when you look through my own commodore 64 scrapbook. The pioneer years for every serious hacker...feel it and relive it!!!

And never let anyone tell you the C64 doesn't rock!

Oldest 64-games ever

YOU can contribute to the List of the oldest 64-games ever for the commodore 64. So far the oldest games are from 1980.

C64 Emulation Guide

Do you have problems using your favourite program on you emulator or have you no idea where to start then the C64 Emulation Guide is what you need.

Where do I start

Emulators for PC

C64S is a commercial emulator available from Seattle Labs or PHS
CCS64 is shareware accessible from maintaining site
PC64 is shareware accessible from
C64 Alive is shareware and accessible from
Register at: F. Littmann developments
C64 Neu is accessible from
Questions to:

Emulators for UN*X

Frodo emulator for AmigsOS/BeOS/UN*X. Download from maintaining site
VICE emulator for UN*X. It is distributed under GPL Licence and can be downloaded from the maintaining site

Data files

ROM Operating Systems Programming Languages Games

Game cheats


Other sources of information

WWW pages

Dallmanns c64-page - Author of LUnix
node99 - Great emulation site
Electric Mayhem - Games request archive
Andre's C64/6502 site - Home of OS/A65
Project 64 - Preserving 64 Documentation
CHIP-8 Homepage
Jouko Valta's page - Lots of programs/links
Commodore Computer Cult Corner
c64 pictures quiz
SID hompage - The SID 6581 page
CBMSearch - Search FTP for CBM related software.
Commodore 64 MIDI Files - Music in MIDI format
Lorentzons c64 page - Very nostalgic
In Media Res - Great history of Amiga/C64
Triad c64 page - The 64 scene and much more
Padua - German demogroup for c64
Inofficial EPYX page
Commodore 64 computing - Home of the comp.sys.cbm FAQ
C64 Archive - Holds, The C-64 Emulator FAQ
Stringfellowhawke Archive - 64/Amiga emulation

FTP sites - A major ftp-sites for C64 stuff. - contact: (Derek Smith) archives - contact: - contact:

And some other computers and references


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