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What is Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 is a science fiction television series that is set on a space station in the mid 23rd Century.

The series is now in its second season in North America. After the two hour pilot movie in Feb. 1993, the series started the week of Jan. 24, 1994, with a season of 22 episodes. The second season began the week of October 24, 1994. The series is planned for a five year run. It is part of the Warner Bros. Television Consortium, called the Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN), syndicated to stations across the USA and internationally.

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Who is behind Babylon 5?

The show was created by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS), who is co-executive producer on the show along with Doug Netter. It has been in development since 1987, the last few years with Warner Bros.

Doug Netter is an equal partner in Babylon 5, mainly handling the business side and leaves the creative work to Straczynski, which is how they first worked together on Captain Power.

Harlan Ellison is the Conceptual Consultant for the series. He has also written a "manifesto" for the show that explains to other writers how to write science fiction for television and Babylon 5, in particular. He also does a production voice-over at the very end of season 2 episodes.

Well-known science fiction writers, including Ellison, David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana, and Peter David are contributing scripts to the show.

Christopher Franke, formerly of Tangerine Dream, does the soundtrack.

What other SF projects has JMS been involved with?

JMS has been involved with genre television for many years, as story editor and writer for the Twilight Zone TV series (syndicated version), Captain Power, , and the animated The Real Ghostbusters. He has also written for Jake and the Fatman and Murder, She Wrote. JMS has also had many published short stories, an anthology, and two fantasy/horror novels. Until recently, he was co-host of Hour 25, a Los Angeles area science fiction radio talk show.

Though Babylon 5 is his main activity right now, JMS has also been working on some other projects. A feature film adaptation of the Grimjack books by John Ostrander will begin shooting in 1995, and will be written by JMS. Fall 1994 will (did?) also see the production of a two-hour pilot for a contemporary SF series that JMS has created and written, executive produced by JMS and Doug Netter. The title has not yet been announced. He will not be involved in these projects in the day-to-day operations as he is with Babylon 5.

What kind of Special Effects does Babylon 5 have?

All special effects for Babylon 5 are computer generated imagery (CGI). Foundation Imaging, headed by Ron Thornton, is utilizing Lightwave 3D and specialized software in conjunction with NewTek's Video Toaster (running on the Amiga platform) to design and render the visual effects. Space scenes are clearer and more realistic than Model shots. Some interior shots such as docking bays are "virtual sets" combining live action with computer imagery. Macintoshes and PCs are used occasionally for 2-D effects and painting packages.

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