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If you wish to write in appreciation support of the show, the addresses are:

        Chris Carter                  Jonathan Littman
        Executive Producer            Vice President of
        "The X-Files"                 Current Programming
        Fox Broadcasting Company      Fox Broadcasting Company
        10201 W. Pico Blvd.           P.O. Box 900
        Los Angeles, CA  90064        Beverly Hills, CA  90123
Note: The different addresses for Fox are more or less interchangable. Regardless of the one you use, your correspondence should reach its destination.

E-mail can be sent to comment on the show at:

Also, Charles Kennedy, the Vice President of Programming Research at Fox has obtained an Internet address where you can send e-mail to comment on their shows, please include "X-Files" in your subject to help them sort the mail. His address is:

Newsgroups is the original newsgroup, discussing the show as aired on U.S./North American television. Read the 20 Question file before posting. for creative stories in the X-Files world. But first read the Creative FAQ.

United Kingdom viewers of the show might want to check out

Australian Viewers have the newsgroup

These latter two carry discussion minus spoilers that would appear on the North American newsgroup.

Electronic Mailing Lists

There is an Internet mailing list for _The X Files_, run by Chael Hall, which discusses the episodes currently being aired in North America. To sign up for the list, send a message to with "subscribe X-FILES <your name>." For a moderated version of the list, substitute X-FILES MOD for X FILES above. For more information, send e-mail to the above address stating INFO X-FILES in the message.

A moderated group posting only reliable information about the show has been established by Michael Kleinhenz, Only "official" submissions will be accepted such as reliable information about new episodes, books, comics. etc. Articles must be mailed to the moderator for approval before they will be mailed. To subscribe send mail to with "subscribe x-files-info" in the body of the message, not the subject line.

The Smart Young X-Philes (SYX) Weekly Newsleter (for X-Philes 21 years old or younger) is no longer accepting members.

A UK mail list, discussing season one, is also available. E-mail to with "INFO X-FILES-UK" in the body of your message. This list is available only as a weekly digest. A second UK mail list has also been established. Send a note to with the notice "Subscribe XFiles <Firstname Lastname>" in the body of the message.

An Australian mail list, discussing _X Files_ episodes currently airing in Australia, has been established. Send e-mail to with the following in the body of the message: "Subscribe aus-xf <your_email_address>. To send mail to the list, send your message to

There is also a Gerrman X Files mailing list for German-speaking X Philes. Send mail to with "Subscribe xf-de" in the body.

FTP Sites

The FTP site at is the most complete, with the FAQs, episode guide, music, images, and fan fiction ; directory path is /xfiles.

An FTP site is at, storing only the graphic and sound files.

The FTP site is temporarily inactive. It also carries X Files material: sounds, .gifs, and creative stories.

The site , run by Pete T. Manolakos (, carries text files only.

Eric Shapow's ftp site at is up and running once again. This site has been upgraded over the summer and should be more easily accessible.

A .creative archive has been set up at

And more FTP-servers:

Home Pages

The Official X Files Home Page, run by Delphi, the official X Files site :-), is at

Charles Mcgrew ( has established an http server which contains an X Files mosaic page. This page includes the theme music, miscellaneous sound bites, this FAQ, Episode Guide, DT FAQ, pictures of the cast, and links to other FTP areas, among other things. The path is:

Samuel Ziegler ( keeps the Mulderisms and Scullyisms list. There documents are available by accessing his homepage: If you cannot access his homepage please e-mail him for information about his list.

Stephen Banks's ( home page contains features available to Netscape 1.1 users, but can be accessed by other applications without losing the flavor of the page. He will have a clip of the current week's X Files show in Quicktime format, plus the previous week's clip and a clip of the next week's episode. There is also a page where visitors can tell of their own X Files like experiences, The Web Files. It can be reached at

Dan Benkamin ( has an interactive X Files WWW page, Included there are an interactive episode ratings system, where you can leave your comments; a viewer survey; and a contest for a spot on the X-Phile of the Week Page.

Vancouver Magazine's WWW page, or http://www.Direct.Ca:80/Village also has a map of Vancouver showing the various sites where _X Files_ has been filmed and what episodes filmed there.

The Duchovniks have their own home page, at

List of WWW-Servers

Page by Country

Below is a list of known X Files WWW pages, posted to by Eric Cheung from










United Kingdom

America Online

The America Online X Files Club consists of two forums on AOL. The Keyword:
XFILES takes you directly to them.
The first is the AOL X Files Club Forum where you can participate on the discussion boards and discuss the show with other members as well as producers and writers of the show. There are three weekly chats based on the show with more to be added soon. There is also a file archive with pictures based on the show and lots of show information including logs of all the chats and conferences.
The area also has many online resources including the Episode Guide, FAQ, and David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson FAQs. AOl also has a Visual Episode Guide with descriptions, production crew, cast, and a custom member-created graphic based on the episode.
The second forum is the X Files Simming Forum where two weekly role-playing simulations take place based on the X Files. This area has discussion boards, file archives, and lots of show information.
The AOL X Files Club is hosted by Jerry Jones,, and Debbie Brown,


The Delphi X Files Special Interest Group is the official X-Files online site. This enables member to communicate with the writers and producers of the show as well as others associated with it; access an official online episode guide, a database full of legal high-quality images, sounds and video clips unavailable elsewhere, and a shopping area full of X Files merchandise; and have the oppporunity to give direct feedback to Fox Broadcasting Comapny about merchandise and files in the database. Delphi members can access this area by typing GO ENT X.
The Conference area holds weekly conferences (on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday) as well as an unmoderated Friday conference after the airing of the latest episode. The Database holds files supplied by Fox as well as members, including graphics, video clips and documents, not only on X Files but also on the paranormal. The Forum, the heart of the SIG, is a public message base where members can post and retrieve messages to and from other SIG members as well as the X Files production office and Fox.
Delphi also provides Internet and Usenet access, and a shopping area where exclusive X Files merchandise can be purchased via an electronic order form and credit card.
The X Files SIG is managed by Christopher Fusco,, and Mark Schey,


Compuserve has an active X Files forum and two weekly discussion groups. The forum is in the SF/Fantasy Media+ section and can be reached by using the "Go" command and entering SFMEDIA+. It has a scroll rate of about 200 messages a day (more when new or important episodes air).
The US Philes conference is held Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern in the SFMEDIA+ conference room called "The Phile Cabinet (7)." The UK Philes also hold a conference at 9 p.m. UK time on Tuesdays in the same location.


X Files information is available only on the TV Bulletin Board; no special area or bulletin board is available.

Other Electronic Info

An X Files discussion is held at 10 p.m. Eastern time (right after the aired episode ends in the U.S. Eastern/Central time zones) on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels #xf (no bots) and #x-files (bot-controlled).

An X Files Bullletin Board System (BBS) is offered in the San Francisco Bay Area. This BBS carries gifs, jpegs, bmps, and a.t.x-f.creative text files. Phone number is 916/549-3185. The sysop is Jon Mankowski ( The BBS carries gifs, wavs, and a.t.x-f creative stories.

A British BBS called the Demons Domain BBS has many X Files JPGs, GIFs, WAVs and documents. It is a 24 hour BBS taking all speed up to 28.8k, and the sysop is Chris Jackson ( It can be phoned at (01642) 72 47 58; FidoNet address 2:256/604

The Spring has an X Files forum in its TV Conference area. To access, telnet to, and log in as "new" (don't add quotes). You will be asked a few questions, but there is no charge for access.

There is an X Files MUSH at port 7777.

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