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The Romance Aspect

There will be no romance between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.
Everyone readily admits that there is some attraction, a "sexual tension," between the characters. However, neither series creator Chris Carter, nor actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, nor many X-Philes, want a full-blown romance to develop.
Carter "firmly believes that a series can be 'ruined' if the characters cross the boundaries of sexual tension." [Starlog #201, April 1994] He has also confirmed that Scully and Mulder will not have a romance in almost every online conference and interview that he has had. In the AOL conference in March, when asked when the two characters would get together, Carter replied, "When Hell freezes over." Carter continues to reiterate his opinion publicly at the various Creation X Files conventions.
Anderson [Starlog Platinum #2] says, "I don't want that to happen, David doesn't want that to happen, [Chris Carter] I don't think wants that to happen. The show's not about intimacy between us; it would be a huge mistake to make it about that. Both of our characters are single-minded about our work and respectful enough not to complicate it in any way. We [eventually] warm up to each other, and there are times when there's more sexual tension than others, but it's not going to be a romantic relationship."
Duchovny's viewpoint [Starlog #202, May 1994]: "Having a friendship and a professional working relationship with a woman is much more interesting....It's very easy to just jump into bed. That doesn't take much imagination."
So: don't even think about it!

The Pregnancy

Although actress Gillian Anderson was pregnant, her condition was not reflected in the show's scripts. Contrary to published rumors, the character of Dana Scully will *not* be pregnant -- by aliens, Elvis :-), or otherwise. Anderson appeared in the first six episodes of the season and was written purposely out of the seventh. She returned in the eighth episode, "One Breath." The production company filmed "creatively" to disguise the pregnancy.
Anderson gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on Sept. 25, 1994.

Miscellaneous information

X-Files Poll

As a result of an informal poll conducted Spring 94, of the _The X Files_ have chosen (with a 73% approval rating) to be called X-Philes. The name seems to have caught on in the media, with its use in many articles on the show and its online contacts.

Mulderisms and Scullyisms

There is a list of Mulderisms and Scullyisms being kept by Samuel Ziegler ( and is available through his X Files homepage (listed with FTP Sites and Home Pages) If you cannot access the Web, or wish to submit entries to the lists, please e-mail him.

Netpickers Guide

Kymberlee Ricke keeps a "Netpickers Guide to the X Files." For information about the Netpickers' list, e-mail her at


Weapons: Scully carries a Sig-Sauer P230. Mulder currently uses a Sig Sauer P229.

Magic Numbers

Numbers: The number 11:21 that continues to appear on digital clocks in the show is a salute by Chris Carter to his wife, whose birthday is November 21. Ten Thirteen Productions was named after Carter's own birthday, October 13.

Mulder Shooting

So far Mulder has fired his gun seven times: to scare away wolves [Conduit], to kill John Barnett [Young at Heart] and a beheader about to do in Scully [Our Town], at the shapeshifter creature [Shapes], at a morphing terminator alien [End Game], at lights casting a potentially lethal shadow [Soft Light], and at a possible alien being [Little Green Men, though no shot actually left the gun]. Scully has fired her gun five times: three shots to stop the air duct fan [Ghost in the Machine], once to wound Lucas Henry [Beyond the Sea], three shots, to kill [so we thought] Warren Dupre [Lazarus], once at the murdering twin [Humbug] that she saw in a mirror, and once to wound Mulder when it appeared that he would kill Krycek for the murder of his father [Anasazi].

Mulder Shot

Mulder has been shot twice: critically, in the upper femur in Beyond the Sea, not so seriously in the left shoulder by Scully to keep him from killing Krycek [Anasazi]; Scully has been shot once, in the chest (though she was wearing her protective vest at the time), in Young at Heart.


Mulder and Scully have been quarantined three times after potential contact with an infectious organism -- at the end of the episodes Ice, Darkness Falls, and Firewalker.

Time lost

Mulder has lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), Deep Throat (undetermined), E.B.E. (undetermined), and Little Green Men (undetermined). Scully has lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), E.B.E. (undetermined), and Ascension/One Breath (approximately 3 months).

Number of Deaths

For the morbid: X Files' death toll to date: 157 [through second season; these are deaths of characters identified on-screen only]


Scully's FBI ID number is 2317-616. Her home phone number is (202) 555-6431, [Ghost in the Machine.], and her cellular phone number is 555-3564 [Sleepless]. Her apartment number is #35. Her X File number (given to the file began after her abduction [Duane Barry]) is 73317.

First meeting

Scully and Mulder met for the first time on March 6, 1992 X.T. (X Files Time) [Pilot].


Mulder has a computer at home, and his password is TRUSTNO1. He was a fan of the television show "The Magician" as a child. [Little Green Men] Mulder lives in an apartment (#42) in Alexandria [Novel: Goblins]. His badge number is JTT047101111.

Opening credit

The "saying" at the end of the opening credits, The Truth Is Out There, has changed three times:
Trust No One -- in Erlemneyer Flask, episode 1X23.
Deny Everything -- in Ascension, episode 2X06
EI 'AANIIGOO 'AHOOT'E (The Truth Is Out There in Navajo) -- in Anasazi, episode 2X25.

Miscellaneous songs heard on X Files

"Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, from their 1994 album _Let Love In_, on Duane Barry's car radio in "Ascension.
"Frenzy" by Screamin Jay Hawkins, on a radio playing in "Humbug."


Ten Thirteen's production crew has had cameos (names and bodies) in various episodes. First Assistant Director Tom Braidwood appeared as _Lone Gunman_ photographer Frohike in "E.B.E.", "Blood," "One Breath," "Fearful Symmetry," and "Anasazi," and his name was used as the person taking over Howard Graves's parking spot in "Shadows" and as Mulder's alias to get into the secured government compound in Washington State in "E.B.E." Ken Kirzinger, stunt coordinator, appeared as Richter in "Ice." Hair Stylist Malcolm Marsden's name was used for the British PM in "Fire." Vladimir Stefoff, First Assistant Director, had his name (as Val Stefoff) used as Scully's alias to get into the compound in "E.B.E." Executive Producer R.W. Goodwin appeared as a gardener in "Anasazi," and Chris Carter appeared in the same episode as an FBI agent (the third one) grilling Scully.

Story ideas

_The X Files_, like almost all network TV shows, does not accept unsolicited scripts or story ideas. If you have them, you will need to get yourself an agent to submit them to the show. Story ideas or scripts sent to the show unagented will be returned or tossed in the trash. Ideas, scripts, and stories can be posted for other fans' enjoyment to the newsgroup

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