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Wearing Apparel etc.

A variety of licensed merchandise is available: hats (at least 3 versions), mugs (2 kinds), t-shirts (innumerable), posters (2 at present), and a wool and leather embroidered jacket.

Suncoast Pictures, a video chain that carries related media merchandise, is carrying some of the above items; look for the store in a city near you. :-) In addition, these items have been found at another media chain, Musicland/Sam Goody stores.

Starland not only is carrying a variety of officially-licensed T-shirts, hats, posters, mugs, and magazines, but is showcasing their merchandise in a zine called "The X Factor!" This zine has information about the show as well as color photos of the merchandise. To get on their mailing list, e-mail your snail mail address to, with <X!> in the subject heading. You can call with questions to 303 / 671-8735, order merchandise by calling 1-800-733-8735 (faxing to 303-671-0302) or sending your order snail mail to Starland, P.O. Box 24590, Denver, CO 80224-2590. Order hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Starland frequently posts merchandise information (like order numbers) to, and if you are on AOL, they can of course be e-mailed at their address for this info.

Orion Traders carries a wide variety of X-Files merchandise, including over twenty different t-shirt designs (both embroidered and printed), polo shirts, sweatshirts, lettermen's jackets, hats, posters, photographs, and mugs. They also carry the X-Files novels and comic books, as well as current magazines.They accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover, as well as check or money order. They operate the AOL online X-Files store (keyword: XFiles), where there is an online catalog, complete with photographs of merchandise carried and instructions for ordering. Though they do not produce a catalog, they do have a merchandise list that can be mailed out to people. They do, however, encourage AOL people to use the AOL online catalog, as it is part of their commitment to reduce paper usage and waste. This online catalog can be updated nearly instantaneously with the new X-Files merchandise as received. They can be reached via phone or fax at 916/966-7447, or snailmail at 10139 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Their net address is:

Mail order company 800-TREKKER has T-shirts, caps, mugs, and the X Files novel, and other UFO-related merchandise. They can be reached at 1-800-TREKKER (fax 1-800-FAX TREK).

Time Warner's Viewer's Edge, is offering an X File shirt and cap (different from Suncoast offerings). They can be reached at P.O. Box 3925, Milford, CT 06460; phone 1-800-947-3928 (24 hours a day) or (fax) 1-203-876-8234.

Mere Mortals is a company that has put together a group of _X Files_ related merchandise, such as hats, mugs, shirts, comics, and limited run posters. For their catalog, send one dollar to Brent Lilley: Mere Mortals, 350 S. Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92666.

Delphi is also selling a different group of official X Files merchandise through their X Files Special Interest Group, run by Creation Entertainment.

In the U.K., Escape Comic Books (7, Cheapside; Reading; Berkshire; RG1 7AG; UK) has apparently agreed to run a mail order system for X Files merchandise. (They're next door to the Odeon Cinema, says UK X-Phile Steve Robson).Their phone number is (0) 1734 575131.

Other U.K. merchandise sources are the (famous) Forbidden Planet, New Oxford Street, London; and The Vintage Magazine Company, 39/43 Brewer Street, London, NW1. Both stores apparently have mail order sections.

Posters are also available from Rick's Movie Graphics, P.O. Box 23709, Gainesville, FL 32602-3709; phone 904-373-7202. This is *not* the "I Want To Believe" poster from Mulder's office; that was a special one made for the show and is not available.

Lori Singer has _X Files_ scripts and photos for sale. Some of the photos have never been published anywhere! For more information, e-mail her at

Scripts and photographs are also available through Hollywood Script Library, 8033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 982, Dept. N, Los Angeles, CA 90046. They can also be reached at


Original novels are being published by HarperPrism.
The first two X Files books were written by noted horror/fantasy writer Charles L. Grant. The first X Files book was _The X Files: Goblins_, ISBN 0-06-105414-3. The second book is entitled _Whirlwind_, ISBN 0-06-105415-1.
An announced third book from Grant, _Hunter_, was dropped from the list and will not be published.
Kevin J. Anderson, most known for his Star Wars: Jedi Academy books, will be taking over as writer of the X Files novels. His first novel is reportedly titled "Ground Zero" and information is that the book will come out in hardcover in mid-November. (Anderson is currently finishing up a first draft.) The ISBN number for this book is 0-06-05223X; price is estimated at $20.

A series of paperbacks based on the episodes aimed at a younger (10 and older) audience is out in the children's sections of your local bookstore. Titles are #1 - "X Files: X Marks The Spot," ISBN 006440613x; #2 - "X Files: Darkness Falls," ISBN 0064406148. Cost is $3.95. The author is Les Martin.

HarperCollins is also publishing a nonfiction book, _The X Files Companion_, dealing with the various aspects of the show. The ISBN is 0-06-105330-9; cost is $12. This is due out in mid-November.

At the start of 1995, the X-Files comic series was made available by Topps Comics. Correspondence concerning the comic should be sent to:

     "The X-Files"
     c/o Topps Comics
     1 Whitehall Street
     New York, NY  10004-2109
Topps Comics publishes an _X Files_ comic book. The writer is Stefan Petrucha; artist is Charles Adlard; covers by Miran Kim. The first three issues are sold out, and a compilation of these has been released. Comics 4-6 will also appear in a future compilation release. [Topps Copics is an arm of the baseball-card company, and currently produce comic books based on other TV and movie characters as well as the usual superheroes.] The seventh issue has hit the stands, as well as the annual.
Mark Martinez,, posts an X Files comics update monthly.
Topps will also be doing X Files trading cards, to come out soon. They have also reportedly secured rights to produce an Official X Files magazine, to come out in November.

More information on the first four comics by Stefan Petrucha

# 1  "Not To Be Opened until Xmas" - January '95
     writer: Stefan Petrucha         artist: Charles Adlard
     cover: Miran Kim
        When the final Fatima Prophecy is stolen from the Vatican, it is
     tied to a murder in New York city, where Mulder and Scully pick up
     the case.
     There was also a black and white ashcan release of the first half of
     this book in Star Wars Galaxy #2.

# 2  "A Dismembrance of Things Past" - February '95
     w: Stefan Petrucha              a: Charles Adlard
     c: Miran Kim
        The recent death of several witnesses to a UFO crash forty-seven
     years ago prompts someone to convince Mulder and Scully to investigate
     in order to protect a retired general who was also there in Neola,
     Kansas.   Part one of two.

# 3  "A Little Dream of Me" - March '95
     w: Stefan Petrucha              a: Charles Adlard
     c: Miran Kim
        General Palmer's timely suicide leads Mulder to a shady character
     who promises to give him Samantha if Mulder will steal the Pentagon
     computer access codes.  Part two of two.

N/A  "A Trick of the Light" - April '95
     w: Stefan Petrucha              a: Charles Adlard
     c: Jim Salicrup
        This was a special insert into Hero Illustrated #22.  The story
     revolves around an artist whose models are disappearing.

# 4  "Firebird Part One: Khobka's Lament" - April '95
     w: Stefan Petrucha              a: Charles Adlard
     c: Miran Kim
        Mulder and Scully are puzzled by the remains of a scientist found
     in an overturned truck in New Mexico.  The bones of the scientist, who
     was continuing a relatives research into the Tunguska meteorite, seem
     to have ages thousands of years, though the man was nearly thirty.


HarperPrism obtained the rights to publish a series of original X-Files tie-in novels. The forthcoming third novel will mark the start of a new writer.

# 1  _Goblins_
     author: Charles Grant           ISBN: 0-06-105414-3
        Two inexplicable murders near Fort Dix, NJ see Mulder and Scully
     investigating them as a result of some called-in favors.  With very
     little to go on, the ravings of an old woman about goblins don't seem
     so far fetched.

# 2  _Whirlwind_                     May '95
     author: Charles Grant           ISBN: 0-06-105415-1


The show has been released on video in Japan (Japanese subtitles; first 8 episodes, two tapes per episode, in aired order, have been confirmed as being released).

X Files videos were released in Great Britain (two episodes per tape, two tapes per month). Cost is 10.99 pounds. These tapes are PAL tapes and are not compatible with American VCRs.

Videos will soon be released in Australia.

Fox is planning on releasing the first season on tape to the U.S. market in the future.


An X Files CD with Mark Snow's music from the show is being mastered and will be available sometime this year? :-) from Fox Music. Snow has written the mosuc for 63 movies or miniseries, 7 movies, and 13 television shows (themes and/or episode music), including _Starsky and Hutch_ ('70s television series), _In the Line of Fire_ (movie), _Born to be Wild_ (movie), _Children of the Dust_ (TV miniseries), and _Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All_ (TV miniseries), among others.

An X Files "contributed" CD, with music from various groups and singers, is reportedly being produced by Don Was.

Rumors are that the XF CD will now combine both above CD ideas


It has been confirmed that Fox is planning for a big-screen X Files movie to come out tentatively in 1997, and an _X Files_ spinoff is also under consideration. Chris Carter admits that he has been approached to do a spinoff, but denies that one is actively in the works, saying that he wants to concentrate on his current show for the time being. He has admitted to participating in planning sessions for a movie.

An X Files phone card is scheduled to be offered. These phone cards, which have become popular collectibles, are not yet available.

Genesis and SNES game cartridges are being planned for a November release.

Landmark has published an X Files calendar (ISBN 0-78-191190-7). Look for it in your favorite calendar shop this month.

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