20 Questions To Be Read Before Posting + YAXA List

  Revised 8/30/94
  Compiled by Cliff Chen (with help from Pat Gonzalez)

This is a weekly post designed to prevent anyone from asking any "stupid"
questions.  This is not to be confused with Pat Gonzalez's X-Files FAQ,
which is a very complete FAQ for the show itself.
	This newsgroup is, for the most part, a rather friendly group and
we'd like to keep it that way, so try not to flame.  In addition, for a
full week after an episode has aired, be SURE to mark all posts containing
spoiler information CLEARLY.

Q:  Are the X-Files based on true stories?
A:  No.  But elements of the stories have been taken from true-life
    accounts.  The notice preceding the pilot episode was there for

Q:  Who is the mysterious man who Mulder gets information from?
A:  "Deep Throat," (abbreviated DT) as he has been dubbed by the writers,
    is a powerful figure in the government, for more info, see the Deep
    Throat FAQ.  He is played by actor Jerry Hardin.

Q:  Will Mulder and Scully ever become romantically or sexually involved?
A:  The show's creator and executive producer, Chris Carter has stated that
    he has no plans for this to happen and anticipates none in the future.

Q:  When will the second season begin?
A:  The season premiere, entitled "Little Green Men" is scheduled for
    September 16.  There is no need to worry about pre-emptions.

Q:  Is there any sort of X-Files merchandise?
A:  There are several official products available.  These include a
    sweatshirt, t-shirt, baseball cap, coffee mug, keychain, and letterman
    jacket.  All of these can be ordered through Delphi. Many of them can
    also be found in Sam Goody/Musicland or Suncoast Pictures stores.  An
    X-Files comic is due to begin in January.  The first X-Files novel
    by Charles Grant will be available in November.

Q:  If Star Trek fans are Trekkies, then what are X-Files fans?
A:  Chris Carter would call us "File-o-philes."  In a newsgroup poll, fans
    preferred to be called "X-Philes," a name which seems to have become
    official in the eyes of TV Guide, Starlog, etc.

Q:  I wrote/have an idea for an episode, what should I do with it?
A:  One of two things.
      1) Post it to (if your site carries it) and/or
	 upload it to the Rutgers ftp site.  It is preferable that you do
	 not post fan-fiction to this newsgroup, but if you must, then
	 please CLEARLY label it as FAN-FICTION in the subject header.
      2) Nothing, Chris Carter & co. are not interested and do not accept
         scripts from writers without agents.

Q:  What else has David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson/Jerry Hardin appeared in?
A:  See the X-Files FAQ for DD and GA, it's fairly complete so odds are that
    if you saw them in something which isn't new, it's old news.  One thing
    which isn't mentioned in the FAQ is Duchovny's AT&T commercial spot.
    Jerry Hardin has appeared in *MANY* movies and TV shows, so please
    don't cry out every time you spot him.

Q1: What is the marital status of David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson?
Q2: Is it my imagination or is Gillian Anderson gaining weight?
A:  David Duchovny is still single, but is apparently dating someone.
    Gillian Anderson was married during the filming of the first season
    and is currently pregnant (hence the weight gain).  She is due in

Q:  I read that they are considering writing Gillian's pregnancy into the
    show, is this true?
A:  No, Scully will appear this season, but will be missing several
    episodes.  The rumours that she will be impregnated by an alien are

Q:  Where can I send fan mail to the actors/production staff?
A:  Send the mail (addressed to the appropriate person) to:
	_The X-Files_
	c/o Fox Broadcasting Company
	P.O. Box 900
	Beverly Hills, CA  90213

Q:  Where can I send FOX e-mail?
A:  The VP of Programming Research has an e-mail account:
    Please include the title of the show(s) you are discussing in the
    subject header.

Q:  Where do the episode titles come from?
A:  They are given by the writers and appear in the Episode Guide as they
    do on the scripts and in some local television listings.  Check your
    local paper to see if they list them.

Q:  Where can I get the Episode Guide/FAQ/DT FAQ/Mulderism List?
A:  All four of these documents are posted on the first of each month to
    the newsgroup.  Alternatively, you can download a copy via ftp from the
    (*) indicated sites.

Q:  Where are the ftp sites for X-Files material?
A:  (*) in /xfiles in /pub/Xfiles (DISABLED until Sept.) in /pub/x-files (Graphic and sound files only)
    (*) in /pub/lars/x-files (Australian site) in /pub/x-files/creative (a.t.x-f.creative

Q:  Is there a WWW home page for the show?
A:  Yes, there are several.  Here are a few:

Q:  What is IRC and when is the X-Files channel open?
A:  IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is sort of a party line for
    computer users.  The #x-files channel is run on Fridays at 10PM,
    Saturdays at 8 PM, and Mondays at noon (all by Eastern US time).

Q:  Is there any sort of official fan club?
A:  Yes.  You can get more info by sending a SASE to:
	The X-Files Fan Club		In Canada:
	P.O. Box 3138			c/o S. Bartle
	Nashua, NH  03061-3138		4404 Perry Street
					Vancouver, B.C.
					CANADA  V5N 3X5

Q:  What are all these acronyms, like GATB, DDEB, etc?
A:  Here's the YAXA list, maintained by

C&C--Confused and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition when he looks
 as though he just woke up and has that look on his face that says,
Capitalizing the first letter of a word--such as: Skeptic, Believe,
 Trust, Partner--implies a special significance to that word as
 related to THE X-FILES (i.e. "Skeptic" usually refers to Scully,
 though it can refer to someone else, "Believe" refers to a belief
 in the "Extreme Possibility" or paranormal, yatta, yatta, yatta.)
CITC--Conversation In The Car--refers to the exchange between
 Mulder and Scully in his car as they kept surveillance on Eugene
 Tooms in "Tooms."  This is the conversation in which Scully cements
 their Partnership, telling Mulder, "I wouldn't put myself on the
 line for anybody but you."  Shortly thereafter she *does* put
 herself on the line, by lying to Skinner about Mulder's whereabouts
 when Eugene Tooms was supposedly assaulted, saying that she was
 with Mulder being "orientated" on the unauthorized surveillance.
CITDBTB--Conversation In The Dark By The Bed--this refers to the
 scene in the pilot episode, "The X-Files," in which Mulder tells
 Scully why he is so obsessed with abductions: he believes his
 sister, who disappeared when he was a kid and has never been heard
 from since, was abducted.
CSM--Cigarette Smoking Man--refers to the mysterious man in
 Skinner's office in "Tooms."
DDEB and GATB--David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade and the
 corresponding Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade--DDEB started
 as an email chat group on the Internet consisting of women who lust
 after Duchovny, and GATB naturally sprung up as the obvious
 counterpart for the guys.  There are currently separate branches of
 the DDEB on different networks which may be reforming under one or
 more new names.

[Cliff-Note:  Despite the naming conventions the DDEB and GATB do NOT
	discriminate based on gender.]
E.B.E.--Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.  First used on THE X-FILES
 by Mulder in "E.B.E."
EIHPs--Enemies In High Places (singular: EIHP*)--refers to the off-
 screen presence of people Higher Up in the D.C.  Establishment who
 can hinder and manipulate Mulder and Scully.  Also used, by
 extension, in reference to those who hinder or manipulate other
 players.  First used by Gayle, Karin, and Laura Anne.
EP--Extreme Possibility.  First used by Kwicker.
FIHPs--Friends In High Places (singular: FIHP*)--refers to the off-
 screen presence of Mulder's contacts Higher Up in the D.C.
 Establishment who can protect Mulder and Scully.  Also used, by
 extension, in reference to those helping or protecting other
 players.  First used by Gayle, Karin, and Laura Anne.
IMBS--Infamous Mosquito Bite Scene--refers to the scene in the
 pilot episode, just before CITDBTB, in which Scully discovers marks
 on her lower back that look suspiciously like those found on people
 who Mulder believes have been abducted and controlled by E.B.E.s
 (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities).  She runs next door to his
 motel room in her bathrobe, and in a panic, strips to her underwear
 and asks Mulder to examine the marks, which turn out to be mosquito
 bites, to her great relief.
IWTCHU--(The) I Want To Cuddle Him Urge--refers to the sentiment
 evoked in many women every time Mulder gets beaten up.  Coined by
MIB--Man In Black (plural: MIBs*)--Super-secret government agents.
 All that is known is that they are effective in hushing up Things
 The Government >>Really<:<: Doesn't Want You To Know.  By any means
RSD--Red Shoe Diaries--Duchovny's series on Showtime, also
 available on video at Blockbuster.  (Blockbuster Volumes #1 and #4
 are the most often referred to.)
SRE--Scully Rational Explanation--Any of the various explanations
 that Scully comes up with that are so far-fetched they almost make
 Mulder's explanations seem more credible, such as "a mountain
 lion," and (my personal favorite), "swamp gas" (both from
 "E.B.E.").  First used by yours truly, SUe.  An SRE list is
 currently being compiled.
UST--Unresolved Sexual Tension.  First used by LAG.
V&C--Vulnerable and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition most of the
WPDF--Wounded Puppy Dog Face--refers to the rather sad look Mulder
 often has on his face, somewhat reminiscent of a puppy that's been
 hit with a rolled-up newspaper.
Yatta yatta yatta--1. Phrase used by Duchovny in his AT&T
 commercial, meaning "etc.," or "and so forth."  2. When used in
 conjunction with a wink ;-), is the 90's equivalent of "hubba hubba
YAXA--Yet Another X-FILES Acronym (plural: YAXAs*)--1.  What we'll
 have if we add something else to this list.  2.  Exclamation used
 upon the discovery of what might be Yet Another X-FILES Acronym,
 much like you would say "Bingo!"
*Note: Certain YAXAs, such as MIB and YAXA, are pluralized by
 adding an "s" to the end; others, such as EIHPs and FIHPs are
 generally used in the plural form, but are sometimes used in the
 singular (FIHP, EIHP).  Yes, I realize that these are not
 grammatically correct, and that when speaking you wouldn't say "Man
 In Blacks," but this is the way they're written online.  Hey,
 language is weird, what can I say? :-)
Compiled by SUe []
 Keeper of YAXAs, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Riix, Heir to
 the--oops, sorry, wrong show. <G>
In the same way that editors of dictionaries gather definitions of
 words by observing how they are used, the YAXAs listed are defined
 based on observations of online posts.  Copyright 1994,
SUe Stiefel.
 This list may be distributed for non-commercial purposes, but
 please do not alter it.  Any corrections or possible additions
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