This page contains music by Bakelit. Some of these songs are rotated into this MySpace page: every now and then. Some of the songs below can also be downloaded from If you are interested in listening to other songs of Bakelit, send an email to

The music is a calm mixture of guitars and synthesizers. One friend thought it sounded a bit like "They Might be Giants". Despite being a TMBG fan, Bakelit doesn't necessarily agree. It has also been said that the instrumental bits have a Commodore 64 quality. This Bakelit likes.

I also like to fiddle with my Nord Modular G2, and have created a couple of noodles and noises with it. You can find these via my profile page at (by the nickname "Antimon"), which is a great site if you are interested in the workings of music in general, or electronic music in particular, largely due to the incredibly friendly and knowledgable people who frequent and run the place.

Live at the new year's eve jam shoutcast 2008-12-31

Part 1.mp3 (2008-12-31)
Part 2.mp3 (2008-12-31)

Misc stuff

Stanna kvar.mp3 (2008-12-07)
Talon.mp3 (2008-12-07)
The Jewels of the Coast.mp3 (2008-11-29)
gits fx test.mp3 (2008-02-14)
The Modern Sport.mp3 (2008-08-20)

Antimon: Drawer Collection

Lilla Mamsell Ros.mp3
Imaginary Conversations.mp3
Tristorey 1.mp3
Tristorey 2.mp3
Tristorey 3.mp3
Tristorey 4.mp3
Tristorey 5.mp3
Tristorey 6.mp3
Tristorey 7.mp3
Snowflake 1.mp3
Snowflake 2.mp3
Snowflake 3.mp3
Snowflake 4.mp3
Snowflake 5.mp3
Hungover 1.mp3
Hungover 2.mp3
Hungover 3.mp3
Hungover 4.mp3
Hungover 5.mp3
Beets (noodle excerpt).mp3
Inside Rama (noodle excerpt).mp3
Lament for an Iceberg (noodle excerpt).mp3
String and Steel (noodle excerpt).mp3
Webbed Feet (noodle excerpt).mp3
Work Delay (noodle excerpt).mp3

Antimon: Miscellaneous electronic stuff

Chaist (2007-07-23)

Download the songs from the song collection "Odds n Ends", released march 2007

Your Wild Ride
Soft Dot

Download the songs from the song collection "Bakelit Tumbler", released january 2007

The Moonlit Square
Criminally Free
The Game
Too New
Here Comes Daro
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Gazer Squad
Industrial Areas
Your London Hotel
This is My Summer
Little Bird

Download the songs from the song collection "Bakelit 32", released june 2004

Anything Anymore
Tribal Clockwork
Midnight Lawn
Couch Jumper
The Agitator
Made Without Magic intro
Made Without Magic

Download the songs from the song collection "Bakelit Film", released january 2003

Lovers and Lunatics [lyric]
Santa, Shiva & Rob [lyric]
Inside [lyric]
Robot Industries
Dont Turn Your Back on Your Friends [lyric]
Imitator [lyric]
Containment [lyric]
Mellan fönstret och dörren
Sentries [lyric]
Lost to Heaven [lyric]
TheWind [lyric]
Drip-Dry [lyric]
AllGoesDown [lyric]
Day [lyric]

Download the songs from the song collection "Bakelit", released january 2001

Jettisoned [lyric]
Countryside [lyric]
Sing the Right Song [lyric]
Letter-sending Sue [lyric]
Sinversation [lyric]
Whine Alarm [lyric]
The Death of the Sun [lyric]
In Our Love [lyric]
The Rich Disease [lyric]
Welcome to My World [lyric]
Newly-initiated Ordinary Man [lyric]
Treating Grudges
Sunset Caravan [lyric]
The Familiar
The Room [lyric]

Download the songs from the song collection "Slow Zoom/Atomic Heart", released 1999

Trigger Happy
There is Love in the State
Conveyor Avenue
Feather Song
Talk about Things
Mr. Station
Story Friends
Synt med trummor
Catch the Wind
Mr. Z.
Post Mortem
Andromedan Takeaway
The Raven

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