by Stefan Blixt

Say she was jettisoned
Think she was jettisoned
Looking just for a friend
Because she was jettisoned

She looked at me and talked to me
She hasn't seen the last of me

Say she just walked away
Think she just walked away
Nothing left there to say
So she just walked away

The time and peace she says she needs
I'll give it to her if she'll leet me

Oh, I was jettisoned
Thought I was jettisoned
Straining for that girlfriend
Because I was jettisoned

I went too fast
A rushed, strained grasp
Because I thought it was what I was supposed to do

Say she might come to me
Think she might come to me
Caring eventually
Finding the same in me

Why do you say this is a game
What do you know about her and me

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