Whine Alarm

by Stefan Blixt

Whine alarm, you take my down
Every hour of the day
Whine alarm, you kill my frown
And make it easy to stay
Whine alarm, you take me down
Through the cumulae
Whine alarm, you hold my hand
You pull my rocket away

When I'm degrading
You snap awake in my brain
What I'm too happy
You raise your hand to your ear

And what are you doing today
Can I go out and play

Whine alarm, you grab my arm
Or I'd reach for my grave
Whine alarm, you slap me down
Or I'd go insane
Whine alarm, you scream and shout
Or I'd forget to hear
Whine alarm, you make me smile
When there's all hell to pay

Don't you start whining
Or I will scream in you ear
Don't you start sighing
Or I will show you your fears

But what are you doing today
Can we go out and play

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