The Rich Disease

by Stefan Blixt

I know everything about
Something that you may have had
The rich disease
Thankfully it's fading off
As rebellion is flowing up
The rich disease

One day we will sit and sip
And nostagilically speak of
The rich disease
When we sat alone on flats
And sleeplessly crawled about
The rich disease

Life is too short
No point looking for it
We will learn to find real trouble

Annica and Jessica
Come over here and help me cure
The rich disease
Sorry, sir, but I must plant
my fist in your forehead
to cure the rich disease

Born and bred in a padded maze
Then dropped down through a hole
Into the rich disease
Sorry, sir, but could you kindly
Point the way out
from the rich disease

Waking from a too deep sleep
And passing through the ordeals of
The rich disease
No mean feat, but please stand back
And watch me break away from
The rich disease

Grab my neck and shake my hand
If you think you might have
The rich disease

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