Hi and welcome to my GURPS page.

Here is the link to my current character who is created for a high powered Fantasy game. He is created on 350+15 points, where a maximum of 90 points can be put in DX+IQ. The character have been granted a bonus of 15 points by our GM due to the illustrious background and character description.

Sir Manon is now approved by our GM. Take a look and give me feedback if you have any ideas. (Equipment, Description, Background )

For more information regarding the game and the other characters, consult our GameMaster Steve Smith's homepage. He has got, among other things, a map over the gameworld Mironia.

You can follow the story in a novel like fashion compiled from the emails sent publically to the whole group. It is not a perfect told story depending on the media we use to communicate. The story will shift from first to third person depending on who sent the email.

I have created a data file (spells_fantasy.gdf) for Gurps Character Assistant (GCA) which contains the spells found in the GURPS Fantasy book.

The other players where:

Player Name Character Name Homepage Description Notes
Dan Bunner Mac Kodiac
Rich Diaz Gwar
Christian Gotschi Quill
Lance Berg Kai Larsen
Claes Piper Sir Manon Ehron Homepage Description Online novel
Dave Washburn Kiron Mandrake

Send email to: Claes Piper piper(at)df.lth.se

Last updated 17 July 2003