Description of Sir Manon

Clad in normal clothes

Walking along the road you see a flash in the distance, a reflection of some kind. You then hear the thunder of heavy hooves. Aproaching you are a man riding on a large horse. He is exclusively clad in velvet and gems. Shining through the cape is a breastplate polished so bright you almost have to cover your eyes. He is handling the large animal with grace and you sense inner strength in his moves. As he comes closer you can see his fair skin and light hair, held in place by a golden circlet about his forehead. As he passes you he turns to your side and greet you with a kind word. Now you notice another man riding next to the knight. Obviously his squire, carrying a large lance and a shield. On the shield painted on a blue background is lion standing on its hind-legs clawing at the air. On top of the lance there is a blue standard gentle waving in the wind. Woven with golden thread you recognise the same lion as on the shield shield.

Clad for battle

Facing you is a large knight clad in steel. He holds his broadsword aloft with his right hand, the tip of the deadly sword pointing slightly in your direction. The other side is protected by a blue steel shield painted with a lion standing on its hind-legs clawing at the sky. His head is covered with an iron cap. The knight's breastplate shines as if the sun itself resided within. His arms are covered in plate and the legs with a thick layer of metal rings. The boots are made of sturdy steel as well. As he approaches slowly, you realise he is moving so diligent and smoothly it will be utterly hard to find a weakness in his defence.


Sir Manon Ehron:

Height: 6'1''
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Light golden
Eyes: Clear blue
Build: Sturdy
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