Background of young Count Manon

Born noble, Sir Manon lived a comfortable life up till the age of seven. Beginning his eight year, Manon's father, the old count, thought it was due time to start the training of his eldest son.
To rule is not an easy task, not even when you have excellent advisors at hand. In the end you have to take the final decision, sometimes over matters concerning life and death.
The diligent and thorough upbringing started with physical training including running, unarmed combat, wrestling and staff fighting. The physical training was combined with lessons in writing, the study of old literature, strategy, tactics, diplomacy and singing.
Manon grew up in and around the castle. A normal castle with a moat and a drawbridge, towers, banners and soldiers. What more could a young boy ask for? Growing taller stronger and sturdier, Manon started to practice with the more challenging weapons. Already at the age of twelve the young count took the liking of the broadsword. His father owned a splendid exemplar of this weapon. A weapon crafted for a true warrior, perfectly balanced with an edge constantly sharp, hardly needing sharpening. No unnecessary gems, or engravings to draw the attention from the true use of this weapon, killing. Although the boy Manon was not strong enough to lift the heavy sword, he secretly tried to wield it more often than not.
He practices hard, on the subjects of his mind and body. He excelled in the use of the sword, but still preferred the heavier broadsword to the lighter shortsword. "One day I will wield the sword of my father" he kept thinking.
Growing older he showed more interest and progress in skill rather than strength. He was light-footed and mobile, striking with the speed and accuracy of the deadly serpent, even at the tiniest opening in his opponents defence. At the age of seventeen there where few opponents of his own age that would land a single blow before being defeated. Although young he could already match his skill against the battle hardened guards of the castle. There where few weapons he did not master at the age of eighteen.
One night when he could not sleep, Manon walked to his father's armoury. There in the moonlight the mighty sword shone. Picking up the broadsword he felt the strength of his blood rush, the weapon felt light in his hands, and was not hard to swing and manoeuvre anymore. Walking stealthy to the practice yard, still holding the sword in his two hands, Manon passed the bedroom of his father. From within he could hear his father writing, not unusual as the old count hardly needed any sleep. When the young man arrived at the practice yard he swung the sword over his head and rushed the wooden pole used as practice target with blunt swords. Swinging from high right down in a smooth arc towards his left hand side Manon clove the sturdy pole.
The next morning, having breakfast with his son, the count was more happy than usual. Although he said nothing, the old man knew what had passed that night. The pole was replaced, and the sword master of the castle started to concentrate the training on the broadsword.
The old count long dead, Manon now resides in the castle of Han D'or with his spouse, the beautiful Beatrice. But he has not forgotten the long war fought against the barbarians in the north mountain range of Garia, The Karak Mountains. Manon was sent to his father's cousin Hemlon, who lived in River's End just north of Karak Mountains, at the age of twenty. There he practised with the local sword master who were more skilled with the sword than the old count's. Manon proceeded to enlist in the local army to battle against the barbarians of the mountains. It turned out to be a long and seemingly endless war, if you could call the hit and run tactics deployed by the barbarians warfare. Manon's only hope was that the war showed the barbarians that their plans to invade his hometown were futile. Decorated and promoted, Manon returned with his new rank and several scars covering his body. Swept away, shipwrecked and miraculously saved during a ferocious storm returning home, Manon thanked his lucky star and vowed never to set foot aboard a ship again.
Manon's father, Grantor, often had friends and relatives staying at Han D'or. During a visit of an old friend of Grantor's Manon got to know the young apprentice accompanying the sage. Rian N'ha Famira had a lot of patience. Although fascinated with magic, Manon had no natural gift in the arts. The sage was in the vicinity to collect herbs from Laywood Forest, not too far from the castle, and let Rian stay at Han D'or to teach the young man some basic magic.
Manon have continued with the old count's custom to have lots of friends staying at Han D'or, and he is very fond of arranging huge parties for all his friends and their friends as well. You are always welcome to the castle of Han D'or.
Manon have travelled a lot in and around the Salanar Desert. In search of the famous Crastor jewel, rumoured to have caused the downfall of an ancient civilisation. The heart of the civilisation is said to have been in the present south east part of the expanding desert, near the Plagred Jungle. The jewel was the size of two fists encompassing an enormous but unknown power.
During the years of travel Manon have learned to speak the language of the Jade Clan reptile men. He also learned to like and admire the elves. Manon is not happy with the present situation where elves and mankind seem to collide, in opposed interests. But even then he knows that elves are good hearted in nature and he will not judge an individual elf after a whole nation.
Once during a small feast at a tavern after successful traverse through the Salanar desert Manon encountered Gwar. The rough and smelly barbarian made a insulting remark regarding the company of reptile men and Manon bade the man to apologise, which he did not do. The matter had to be settled with a duel to first blood. The two fighters where so evenly matched the duel could not be settled without risking the life of both combatants. They decided to call it a draw, and preceded to eat and drink throughout the night and in to the early morning. Gwar has since then on several occasions visited Manon at Han D'or.
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