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Kent's Home Page


Me, Myself and I

This is me and what I'm doing. Here you get all the information about everything you wanted to know about me but was afraid to ask.
Everyone with a big ego should have their own FAQ.

The Guestbook

Why not stop by my guest book and leave your mark to let people know that you move around on the Web, or just take a look on who else is out there.

Star Trek or "What, Me Trekker?"

This section contains among other things:
  • My answer to everyone who keeps telling me to get a life. To them I want to say that if my life only consisted of Star Trek it would probably look something like this...
  • Images and Sounds
  • Links to Scandinavian Trekker Clubs
  • and more...
No frames please!!!

The Picture Gallery

A small collection of some of my own photos (more to come...).

The Daily COMICS

Some of my favorite comics that are updated daily on the Web.

Study in USA (mostly in Swedish)

Here's some information for you Swedes who is thinking about study in the USA. It gives some hints about looking for scholarships, what kind of degrees there are, and more. The text is especially directed towards people thinking of studying at the University of California (e.g., Berkeley and UCLA, etc.).

The WWW Guide (no longer updated)

My collection of links to sites about just everything. The links are divided into different categories, so it should be easy to find what you are looking for.


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