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Who am I?

Who is this handsome man? Version 27.1 b (age = 27.1, b = beard)
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Likes: WWW surfing, sci-fi, movies, Star Trek, television, Kraftwerk, They Might Be Giants, Stephen King, pizza, photography, computers, good friends, sleeping late, California, Monty Python, Cartoons (Sherman's Lagoon, Foxtrot, Dilbert, Garfield, Larson).
Dislikes: Getting up early and go to work, almost all kinds of sports, mathematics (so what if I have a Masters degree in it?).
My nerdity ranking: 44.8% (refuse to live anywhere without pizza delivery service) - January 28 1996


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What am I doing now?

Axis Communications AB Currently employed at Axis Communications AB developing client software for the Windows environment, which will be used for the hardware that Axis manufactures.

This is what I was doing during my year at UC Berkeley 95/96.