Kent's Hotlist
NOTE: This page will no longer be maintained! Some links might therefore be out of date.

Here's a list of the different categories on my hotlist:

California related stuff

* University of California campus servers:

* Cities:

*Miscellaneous California related stuff:

Cartoon related sites

Gary Larson - The Far Side:

Computer related sites

Programming, companies and much more.

Daily updated sites

Dictionaries and lexicons


Is this funny, or just a waste of time?

Jokes and other funny texts:

Game sites

Litterature related sites

Maps and travel guides

Miscellaneous sites

Multimedia sites


Music sites

* Some of my favorite bands and artists:

* Record labels:

* Miscellaneous music stuff:

Online sites

* Book stores

* Magazines

* News Papers

* Music Stores

* Robots and Machines

Robots and other machines accessible through the Internet

Pets and other animals


Sweden related sites

Swedish Universities

* Lund University related sites:

* Computer societies related to different Swedish Universities:

* Miscellaneous stuff related to Swedish Universities:

Television shows and movies

* Science fiction:

* Other movies:

* Other television shows:

* Directors and writers:

* Actors and actresses:

* Television and movie companies:

* Miscellaneous stuff about television shows and movies:

USA related sites

WWW realted sites

* Writing WWW pages

Some useful sites for writing your own WWW pages.

* WWW search

Can't find what you're looking for? Try one of these!

* Miscellaneous WWW related stuff

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