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Rally SAAB 600 Penna Family Lancia Evoluzione Preparation & Departure Beach Volley Tour de France Bad Thing

Rally SAAB 600
Penna Family
Lancia Evoluzione
Preparation & Departure
Beach Volley
Tour de France
Bad Thing

This page contains the links to the more interesting Tour Tales...

Preparation & Departure

Here you're able to read about the background, the preparation and the departure of this tour.


The Rally SAAB 600

This is the car we used for the transportation from Sweden to Italy. The purpose of the trip was to go with the Basecamp Blue(s) but that one got some tricky problems. The rally SAAB 600 got some troubles as well but later along the way.


The Penna Family

The only planned event was to look, and hopefully buy, a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione. The (previous) owner of the car is G.Battista of the family Penna. We had a couple of very, very nice days together with this family. We would like to say thank you again and a special thanks to our interpretor Paula Penna.


The Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V Evoluzione

The car is now the property of member Dirac Brogren and at this page you can have a look at some pictures.


Beach Volley - The favourite game

The main purpose of the trip was to play as much beach volley as possible.


Tour de France

The tour went through France from Italy to Spain, but not without trouble...


The sad thing to go back home

Both Dirac members agreed the trip was not long enough...


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