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The Bad Thing!

The members agreed on at least one thing: The Bad Thing about this trip was the length of the tour. Only two weeks were at least six weeks to little! This page contains some pictures from the last few sad days. First we'll show a few pictures that didn't fit into the other tales but are of the kind that we'd like to show them.

diracjump.jpg (8183 bytes)

This is the only picture we have with someone above the ground.


diraclost.jpg (15876 bytes)

Member Dirac Löfström lost in Barcelona! Should he trust the GPS?


upload.jpg (14418 bytes)

The computers were used during nighttime for making this site!


helena.jpg (14643 bytes)

Here she is: Helena!


After the stay in Barcelona it was time to clean the windscreen and then take the (pay!)road back to Italy.

cleaning.jpg (15741 bytes)      68frf.jpg (14804 bytes)

Clean the SAAB 600?                                      Here member Dirac Löfström pays 68 Franc.

Back at the Hotel UGO in Lumezzane we were taken care of by this girl (below left) who was very interested in our internet site and the computers, cameras and other electronic stuff. Very nice hotel but hard to find! At the picture below (right) member Dirac Brogren is trying to explain about the internet site but as you can see his audience is much more interested in the camera....

reception.jpg (20938 bytes)     explanation.jpg (19211 bytes)

When we came to Lumezzane again we met the Pennas again. For lunch we were served home made Lasagna, cooked the italian way. Very Nice! Picture below was taken during that lunch where you can see Tomaso with his father Roberto in the background...

tomrob.jpg (9786 bytes)

Tomaso & Roberto

The picture below was taken during our last dinner together (this time!) where you can see that Paula chose a rather big pizza while Paula II prefered a smaller choice.

paulas.jpg (17911 bytes)

After this nothing much happened. The tour went north towards Sweden. In Germany we made a stop at a hotel in a small village. Then we continued to the ferrys and on the picture below you can see what it looked like on one of the ferrys.

carferry.jpg (17627 bytes)


After the last ferry we only had 25 kms left. On this photo you can see member Dirac Löfström dancing with member Dirac Brogren's mother for the successful trip home.

homedance.jpg (18608 bytes)

Dancing in the street...


Back home we met the Basecamp Blue(s) again...

vwbus.jpg (23145 bytes)


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