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The Penna Family

One of the main reasons of the tour was to buy a Lancia Delta Integrale. An advertisement had been found on the internet and the owner had been contacted. The car was owned by G.Battista Penna, seen below to the left. For translation Paula Penna was very helpful, seen below to the right.

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G.Battista & Paula Penna

One of the fabolous days together with the Pennas the Dirac Duo was invited to the family home for dinner. The picture below was taken in the kitchen...

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From left behind: Mother & Tomaso, Giambi, Paula, Roberto, Dirac & Father.

One of the evenings we went by car to a restaurant by Lago di Garda. From left we see member Dirac Löfström, G.Battista, Paula II, member Dirac Brogren and Roberto. One chair is empty...

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....which belonged to the photographer Paula

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