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The Lancia Delta Integrale 16V Evoluzione

As mentioned, one of the purposes of the tour was to buy a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo. An advertisement was found on the internet and the owner was contacted for coming down to have a look at the car. When we came to Brescia we called Paula, the interpretor and sister of G.Battista, to meet us at the Ospitaletto exit west of Brescia. We waited there for a while and the picture below is when they came. So this is when we saw the car for the first time.

evo_meet.jpg (12047 bytes)

The picture above was taken when Paula & Roberto came to meet us at the exit of the Autostrada.    


Paula fixed a hotel for us and in the evening Paula and Giambi (G.Battista) took us for dinner at a great italian pizzeria. Before this Dirac Brogren had taken a detailed look at the car and had also taken the car for a test drive. At the dinner the decision was taken to buy the car. Then after dinner we drove back to our hotel and the picture below was taken there at the parking.

evo_htl.jpg (9951 bytes)

This picture of the car was taken from the hotel down at the parking.    


The last picture of the Integrale is taken at the work of Giambi and was sent as an email to member Dirac Brogren before the trip. Purpose: to show what kind of a car we were talking...

evo_giam.jpg (39068 bytes)

G.Battista sent this picture to Dirac Brogren before the trip started.  


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