se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.alignment A library representing a word alignment (for example produced by GIZA++).
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.annotations Annotation layers.
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.core Auxiliary classes used by all libraries.
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.deptree Dependency trees.
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.framenet A library that handles the FrameNet database. Machine learning library. Glue code to integrate some external machine learning libraries. A somewhat extended version of a part of LibSVM-2.8.
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.optimization A library for some optimization tasks.
se.lth.cs.nlp.nlputils.pstree Phrase structure trees.