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The Tour Tales

This is the on-line version of the tales of 'Tour de Italí et Espagne 99'.

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A big Thanks! to all of our friends who have helped us with nice & helpful comments on this website. Also thanks to the great people we have met along the trip, with very special thanks to the people on the Status page. Thanks and DO NOT HESITATE to send us loads of email !


The Tour Tales

This is the place to go to find pictures from the tour and read some tales.


Latest happening

990711 Back home we updated the site the for the last time. Now with working HOME button...

990707 We ate our last Lumezzanepizza before returning to Sweden.

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990704 We've had lots of complaints about too few pictures so now we've put too many...

990703 Finally reached Barcelona and an update of this site.

990701 Late in the evening; Leaving the Penna family and Lumezzane for a trip to Barcelona. The tears are held back with a lot of help from the fact that we will return in a couple of days...

990630 This is the online 'Travel Tales of the Dirac Duo'. Now we have tried to sort out some pictures we've taken along the way and we are now up to date for the first time with this site.


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