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This page contains a list of scheduled events.

Thursday the 1st of July

  1. Meeting Paula in Brecia who will guide us to event 2
  2. Looking at the Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione
  3. Buying the above mentioned monster
  4. Leaving the SAAB 600 behind...

Note (2nd of July): None of the above happened at this day


Friday the 2nd of July

Ronnie at the keyboard. Car-day. The plan is to decrease the distance between the Dirac Duo and Barcelona as much as possible (maybe 0). In Barcelona we will try to find my friends Fredrik and Helena.


Tuesday the 6th of July

End of Barcelona visit. The trip goes back to Lumezzane, Italy to pick up the real car.


Friday the 9th of July

The plan is to arrive in Helsingborg, which means no more fun for a while....


Saturday the 10th of July

Time to make plans for the next trip, because this one was much too short!


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