Contributions to GNU Recode

This is a place where I keep track of my work on GNU Recode.



For the C-files above. If the file is named xxx-cvs.c, obtain the latest CVS version of recode from the recode homepage at SourceForge (see below). Drop the file xxx-cvs.c in the src/ directory of the source distribution, add xxx-cvs to the variable C_FALLBACKS in the file in the src/ directory.

Then compile as usual (./configure, make, make install).

For the Recode 3.5 compliant files the process is the same, just that you should obtain an Recode 3.4 tarball from the Free Recode Homepage (see below).

PETSCII details

Recode PETSCII <-> UTF-8 with the commands:

recode PETSCII-EN-LC..u8 foo.txt (converts a PETSCII lowercase file named foo.txt to UTF-8)

recode u8..PETSCII-EN-LC foo.txt (converts a UTF-8 file to lowercase PETSCII)

Converting to latin-1 (unix default) or commands like recode pet..l1 foo.txt does not currently work because of some bug in Recode. You can convert to latin-1 (sort of the same as Windows-1252, ISO 8859-1) by first converting to UTF-8 and then convert the result to latin-1 with recode u8/CR..l1 foo.txt. (The /CR after the u8 charset is needed to convert the linefeeds properly.)


Written by Linus Walleij, /<-r4d s0pHtw4r3.