Option                     Function

  ATT        displays the file attributes.

  DATE       displays date and time stamps of files.

  DIR        displays only files that have the DIR attribute.

  DRIVE=ALL  displays files on all on-line drives.

             displays files on the drives specified.

  DRIVE=d    displays files on the drive specified by d.

  EXCLUDE    displays  files  that   DO   NOT   MATCH   the   files
             specified in the command line.

  FF         sends an initial form feed to the  printer  device  if
             the printer has been activated by CTRL-P.

  FULL       shows the name, size, number of 128-byte records,  and
             attributes  of  the  files.  If  there  is a directory
             label   on   the   drive,  DIR  shows   the   password
             protection mode and the time stamps.  If  there  is no
             directory  label,  DIR displays  two file entries on a
             line,  omitting  the  password and time stamp columns.
             The display is alphabetically sorted. (See  SET for  a
             description  of   file   attributes, directory labels,
             passwords and protection modes.)

  LENGTH=n   displays n lines of printer output  before   inserting
             a table heading.  n is a number between 5 and 65536.

  MESSAGE    displays the names of drives and user numbers  DIR  is

  NOSORT     displays files in the order it finds them on the disk.

  RO         displays  only  the  files  that  have  the  Read-Only

  RW         displays only the files that are set to Read-Write.

  SIZE       displays the filename  and  size  in  kilobytes  (1024

  SYS        displays only the files that have the SYS attribute.

  USER=ALL   displays all files in all user numbers for the default
             or specified drive.

  USER=n     displays the files in the user number specified by  n.

             displays files under the user numbers specified.