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Who is this Peter?

? Who is this "I" in all these pages? I don't think I can give an answer to that question myself, but I will try to convey an outline. To see the details you will have to meet the original, me that is, and fill them in yourself.
Moose crossing

My name is Peter Svensson, and I live in Lund in southern Sweden, where I was born 22 years ago. I am studying for my M Sc in applied physics at Lund Institute of Technomoly (the applied physics education has a moose as its symbol). After three years I am half way to my M Sc and therefore about to choose a field to specialize in, in my case Computer Engineering. I am also taking up my interests in astronomy, psychology and filosofy as half-speed courses.

Children at play Before I began my M Sc education I had graduated from the Natrual Sciences program at Katedralskolan (the Cathedreal School) in Lund which, having taught continously for over 900 years, is one of the oldest schools in Sweden. It was during this period I decided my future lay in engineering. Prior to that I had considered becoming a train driver (when I was very young), and later a librarian. However, doing the same tasks year after year is not something I look forward to, so the ability as an engineer to work in different fields suits me very well.
DF I came into contact with the Computer Society at Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology (short form DF) through my brother even before I started my education there. ???????????? DF. Jag har bl a varit ansvarig för en del av föreningens datorer. Sedan några år sitter jag i systemgruppen, som har ansvaret för att föreningens tekniska sida fungerar. När jag hinner försöker jag också hjälpa till med kurser, konferenser mm.


Peter Svensson, petersv@df.lth.se, Datorföreningen vid LU & LTH, 971018