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From here you can navigate on the global network. If you're not so big about it then perhaps you could settle with Europe or perhaps even Sweden.
Web-searching and such is easily done from this page.

If you still don't know what to do then why not
read different versions of Principia Discordia
why not read these hilarious movie cliches
visit the entertainment hotlist
Finally listen to the Love Boat

Other feats I have achived and are worth mentioning:
Watching the entire Twin Peaks during a weekend (actually this have been done multiple times).
Found out I am a very special guy, just like anyone else.
Been able to grow some quasi intelligent species in my sink.
Read the "Illuminati Trilogy" twice and still haven't found out what the last page about the last American Eagle is supposed to mean, if anything...
And I am convinced artificial life is possible, it's even already existing, my source code always seems to live a life of it's own.
Just to mention a few...
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