Where to next?

This page was made in hope of helping you in you quest for wisdom and salvation, because we don't want you to become a nervous rex. Since we are living in a rather big world, we have to have some help getting somewhere. I have no illusion whatsoever of hoping this might help you in the slightest but feel free to fool around.

First I introduce some search Engines that will take you anywhere you want, or at least you know of. If you still haven't found something funny then, I give you some very extensive jumppoints from where you can go.

Only works with graphics
If you know where you want to go then it's easy (or maybe not):

Alta Vista
Use It!
W3 Search Engines

If you haven't got the slightest notion where you're going in life, about 99,93% of the population (the rest are just faking), then here are some nice and big startingpoints:

Yahoo - Gigantic collection of links by subject
WWW Virtual LibraryInterAccess - Links by Subject
Computer Graphics - Links to Graphic related pages.
Cool Sites of the Day - Sites picked by InfiNet.
Comprephensive List - Sites sorted by Countries.
WWW Yellow pages
Four 11 - Internet white pages

And if all else fails, check out my own Web-links.

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