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W- och X-kommandon

Level 500 : Channel Manager

SET : syntax - /msg X,W set #channel : Changes special X/W modes for channel. NOTE : the variables AlwaysOp, UserFlags, MassDeopPro, NickFloodPro, URL and Description can be changed by someone with 450+ access on your channel.

Variables for SET

MassDeopPro : The maximum number of deops X will allow in a 15 sec period. Any user exceeding this will be DeOped and Suspended (if on the userlist).

NickFloodPro : The maximum number of nick changes that can be done in the channel in a 15 sec period. Any user exceeding this number will be kicked from the channel and suspended (if on the userlist). NOTE : The .noclones patch makes this variable obsolete, since it will not allow rapid nick changes.

FloodPro : The maximum number of KICKs, TOPIC CHANGES and such that can be sent to the channel in a 15 second period. Any user exceeding this limit will be kicked and suspended (if on the userlist). NOTE : This does NOT work against normal channel dialogue, since X/W are +d (deaf) to all channel text.

UserFlags : Set's default user settings that will be given to a new user on the channel. Default value is 0. 0 = AUTOOP OFF for new users 1 = AUTOOP ON for new users

NoOp : In this mode X/W will deop EVERYONE. Making them the only op in the channel. However, users may still access commands though X/W.

AlwaysOp : This variable insures that X/W will always have ops. They will op themselves if it is not given to them.

OpOnly : Make op the only chanop command available though X/W. Also, you can ONLY op yourself. NOTE : This does NOT prevent someone withops in the channel from exercising op commands themselves.

StrictOp : In this mode only people on the userlist may have ops. If they are on the list, they must send their password before they are allowed ops.

Lang : Changes default language for the channel. en (english) nl (dutch) fr (francais) ge (deutsch)

Description : Sets the default channel topic. This does NOT affect the actual channel topic. The topic can be see only in the chaninfo, or on the webpage.

URL : Sets the default channel URL. This can be seen from the chaninfo, or the webpage.

AutoTopic : This flag makes X or W reset the topic to the channel URL and Description every 30 minutes. Note that if the channel is idle, the topic will not be reset during that time.

Level 450 : Trusted channel admin.

ADDCHAN : syntax - /msg X,W addchan #channel : Adds the channel to X/W's database and sets channel default modes. If you do not use this command after you join X/W to your channel they will not rejoin after a restart ect.

JOIN : syntax - /msg X,W join #channel : Tells X/W to join your channel. Enough said ;)

PART : syntax - /msg X,W part #channel : Tells X/W to part your channel.

REMCHAN : syntax - /msg X,W remchan #channel : Removes your channel defaults from X/W's database. Useful when you want to change default modes. This is NOT the same as a purge of your channel. X/W will not rejoin unless you readdchan after this.

Level 400 : Userlist Admin

ADDUSER : syntax - /msg X,W adduser #channel [user@host] [password] : Adds a user to your channel's database with the given access level and password. The password field is OPTIONAL. You can always have the user set it themselves later. Also if the person is online user@host can be left out, (X/W will look it up themselves).

CLEARMODE : syntax - /msg X,W clearmode #channel : Clears all channel modes. Useful when a channel has been locked up. (set +i or +k without your knowledge)

MODINFO : syntax - /msg X,W modinfo #channel : Changes a user's access settings

Variables for Modinfo

Access : Changes the access level of a user, possible values are 1 - (1 level below yours). So if you are 400, you can give up to 399 access.

AutoOp : Changes autoop from ON to OFF. Autoop means that X/W will op the user when they enter the channel, provided they have logged in.

Match : Changes the user@host for a user in X/W's database. Useful if a user on your channel has changed ISP's Example : /msg X modinfo #somechannel MATCH someuser blah@blah

RemPass : Removes a users password. Yes a manager can remove his/her own password, he/she just has to be verified first. Example : /msg X,W modinfo #somechannel REMPASS someuser

REMUSER : syntax - /msg X,W remuser #channel : Removes a user from the channel database. You must have higher access than the user you want to remove.

STATUS : syntax - /msg X,W status #channel : Displays all special X/W modes, Channel modes and the number of users in your channel. Neat huh :)

Level 100 : Channel operator

DEOP : syntax - /msg X,W deop #channel [nick2] [nick3] .... : Deops one or more persons in you channel.

INVITE : syntax - /msg X,W invite #channel : Has X invite someone in your channel.

OP : syntax - /msg X,W op #channel [nick2] [nick3] .... : Ops one or more persons in your channel

SUSPEND : syntax - /msg X,W suspend #channel s,m,h or d : Suspends a users access to X/W for the specified period of time. s(econds) , m(inutes), h(ours) or d(ays). You can only suspend someone with access lower than yours.

UNSUSPEND : syntax - /msg X,W unsuspend #channel : Unsuspends a user on your access list.

Level 75 : New channel operator

BAN : syntax - /msg X,W ban #channel [duration in hours] [level] [reason] : Bans a person on X/W's list for a specific number of hours. The max is 8760, 1 year. You use the person's nick if they are online. or specify a user@host if they are not. Level can be from 1 to your access level. A level 20 - 74 ban prevents the user from having ops. 75+ keeps them from being in the channel at all. You must at least have the same access level as the level of the ban to remove it.

UNBAN : syntax - /msg X,W unban #channel : Unbans a person from your channel. By nick if they are online, or by user@host if they are not, as with ban.

Level 50 : Channel regular

KICK : syntax - /msg X,W kick #channel [reason] : Tells X/W to kick somone from your channel, The reason is optional. Your name will be placed in the kick msg.

TOPIC : syntax - /msg X,W topic #channel : Has X/W change the topic in your channel.

Level 1 : *shrug*

STATUS : syntax - /msg X,W status #channel : This does the same thing as level 400 status EXCEPT, it will not report channel modes (+nt ect) to anyone with access below 400.

Level 0 : Everyone else

ACCESS : syntax - /msg X,W access #channel [options] : Can look up the access for a certain person or a string. Expl : /msg X,W access #channel *!*@*.gnn.com , would return all GNN users with access on that channel. Also you can use these options instead of a nick or string.

Access options

-min level - show only users above the given level -max level - show only users below the given level -autoop - Show only users with autoop on. -noautoop - Show only users with autoop off. -modif - Shows who last modified the access listing

Access Flags : - output of access command

-X- USER: Blahguy- (*!*username@*.blah.com) ACCESS: 1 LMPU -X- CHANNEL: #cservice -- AUTOOP: ON

M = Modified, but not saved to disk, database is autosaved every 90 minutes. P = Has a password. U = User is currently authenticated. L = Loaded in memory, An access remains listed in memory for 90 minutes after you log off.

BANLIST : syntax - /msg X,W banlist #channel : Shows the channel banlist. You must be in the channel to use this command.

CHANINFO : syntax - /msg X,W chaninfo #channel : Displays whether or not a channel is registered, and to whom.

DEAUTH : syntax - /msg X,W deauth #channel : If you have sent you password already and would like to deauthenticate yourself. Use this command.

HELP : syntax - /msg X,W help [command] : Displays help file on a given command.

LBANLIST : syntax - /msg X,W lbanlist #channel : Searches X/W's banlist for a certain string. Use * to see the whole list.

LOGIN : syntax - /msg X,W login #channel - If you have no password. /msg x@channels.undernet.org login #channel - if you do /msg w@channels2.undernet.org login #channel - for W this loads your access listing into memory and authenticates you on your channel. Note : Exact same as pass

MAP : syntax - /msg X,W map : Shows a map of connected servers.

MOTD : syntax - /msg X,W motd : Displays X/W's message of the day.

NEWPASS : syntax - /msg X@channels.undernet.org or W@channels2.undernet.org newpass #channel : Sets a password on a channel for X/W. If it is X send to X@channels.undernet.org. If it is W send to W@channels2.undernet.org.

PASS : syntax - /msg X@channels.undernet.org or W@channels2.undernet.org pass #channel See Login

SHOWCOMMANDS : syntax - /msg X,W showcommands #channel : Shows all commands you can use on a channel.

SHOWIGNORE : syntax - /msg X,W showignore : Shows X/W's ignore list. This is what happens when someone tries to or accidentally floods X/W. The time length is 60 minutes.

VERIFY : syntax - /msg X,W verify nick : Displays whether or not a person is an official cservice rep. If X/W answers that the person is "NOT an authenticated CSERVICE representative" please come to #cservice and ask about them.

A NOTE ON PASSWORDS As of November 1st 1996 passwords are mandatory for ALL users. Users without passwords may still login, but will be restricted to level 0 commands (this includes newpass) until they set a password (see newpass).

This doc is maintained by Manning for the Undernet Channel Service. E-mail manning@alias.undernet.org with any suggestions, flames, threats of personal vengence etc...

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