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About me

Jacob, age 32 My real name is Jacob Damm, but my friends usually call me 'Daim'.

I work as a Site Commercial (which is a kind of Projects Economist) for an infrastructure construction company called Strabag. Prior to this, I worked as a real estate agent for six years.

Before going into the real estate trade, I studied Computer Science for two years at the Lund Institute of Technology, followed by two years working as a systems developer - building business software mainly in Java.

Leading up to my graduate studies was the Computer Science program at Forsmark High School. I graduated there in the spring of '97.

Obviously, I have a deep interest in computers, especially programming. I don't consider myself a total computer nerd though, and I hope my friends agree on that one.

Jacob refereeing

A great passion of mine is the Japanese martial art of judo. Starting at an age of 15, I have increasingly engaged myself in this really versatile sport. I have reached the grade of shodan (black belt, 1st dan) – so I am just past beginner's level. I hold a Swedish National referee licence (int'l level B), which means I spend a number of weekends each year on the judo mat wearing a business suit.

Another passion I have is the one for aviation. I hope one day to have a pilot's licence, and possibly even my own aeroplane. Until I have raised sufficient funds to make any of that real, I'll stay a mere virtual aviator.

One of my more severe vices is probably the addiction to music - my head is constantly brimming with various lyrics and melodies. I fancy many different music styles, though not quite everything.

I try to find time for reading too, preferably biographies and documentaries or else crime, fantasy or sci-fi novels (and of course the odd reference manual), but books of other genres do materialize on my shelves from time to time.

I do not confess to any god as a supernatural entity, so I guess I'll pass for an agnostic or existentialist. I find the way some religious zealots act compulsive missionaries – vehemently trying to convert people – very disturbing. I am not lost, I'm simply convinced that there is no god, and content with it. I'm not afraid either, not even of what will happen to me when I die...

Besides above mentioned, I interest myself in many different areas, primarily scientific ones, and so you could say I'm a Jack-of-all-trades (but master of merely a few!..).

Characteristics / Info

Jacob, age 3 Alias:

True name:
Jacob Damm

July, 1977

Simrishamn, Scania, Sweden

Current residence:

Former places of residence:
Borrby - Brantevik - Forsmark - Lund

Approximate just-out-of-bed height:
180 cm  (5'11")

Approximate mass, unloaded:
80 kg  (176 lbs)

Personality attributes:
Perfectionist, realist, inquisitive, visionary...

Areas of passion:
Judo, computers, aviation & aircraft, technology in general, architecture, music, the English language, and more

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So, why the heck am I called Daim ?!

Well.. errh, when I was younger I used to consume quite a lot of sweets... Since my surname is pretty similar to "Daim" (which is a really jummy Swedish chocolate bar), some friends thought it an appropriate nickname for me.

Fine by me. I think it's rather unique, so I tend to use it myself.