These wonderful toys occupy a fair share of my mind and a nice slice of my time. Here are some links to information that I find useful.

Software Development

C FAQ - the great Usenet C FAQ

GCC - one of the most widespread C/C++ compilers

Java Home

IOCCC - join this obscure program code competition

Java Tech Tips - solutions for many tricky situations

MySQL - the world's most popular open source database - the source for Perl development

SQL Quick Reference - handy for handling those database queries

Linux & Unix

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux - a rich and capable Linux distribution - Linux news and documentation

Linux Hardware HowTo - helps you configure it out

Linux Journal - one of the premier Linux magazines

Linux Online - a comprehensive site on this outstanding OS

Slackware - a Linux distribution favoured by many initiated

Unix FAQ - the great Usenet Unix FAQ

Unix Guru Universe - a resource for Unix system administrators

zsh Index - a guide to my favourite command shell


Angband - a classic dungeon game, available for several platforms

The Arreat Summit - all the info on Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

D2X-XL - an OpenGL port of the awesome classic Descent 2

Diablo II Supplemental - useful info compiled for serious D2 gamers


Game FAQs - stop banging your head against that infinitely thick brick wall!

RPGamer - loads of role playig stuff

Sorcerer's Place - an invaluable source for role players

TeamSpeak - free, smooth group audio conversation


HTML 4 Elements - W3C's standard reference

Slashdot - news for nerds

Tom's Hardware Guide - tests and reviews on all the hardware