June 6, 2012 Venus transit
Bengt Ask

Picture of the June 6, 2012 Venus transit

04:13 UT


Please note that the colours are "false". Although the image was acquired using a digital colour camera, my particular solar filter renders the Sun a rather neutral white, and for purely aesthetic reasons I chose to make the Sun look yellow. The image was given this particular hue, determined by my subjective mind, through computer software.

Close to the centre there are several faint and fuzzy arches. These are due to dust on the image sensor.

Some technical notes

Location Lund, Sweden, 13d East, 56d North
Optics Celestron 750 mm focal length telephoto lens (special
version of the C5 telescope optics, 1970's vintage),
stopped down with an off-axis solar filter
Solar filter Baader AstroSolar
Mount Fixed camera tripod
Imaging device Canon EOS 20D
Exposure time 1/500 s
ISO setting 800
Imaging method 3 frames manually selected and stacked
Stacking software RegiStax 6
Post processing software GIMP 2.6.6

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Image and text copyright © 2012 Bengt Ask.

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