Saturn, December 7, 2003
Jupiter, April 10, 2004
Bengt Ask

Picture of the planet Saturn Picture of the planet Jupiter

The size of the Jupiter image has been slightly reduced in order to average out some of the noise in the picture.

Some quick notes:

Location Saturn: Svalöv, Sweden, 13d06'41" E, 55d54'44" N
Jupiter: Lomma, Sweden, 13d E, 56d N
Optics C8 at f/26 with Celestron Ultima barlow lens
Mount Vixen Super Polaris GEM tracking at sidereal rate
Imaging device Philips ToUcam Pro with Baader UV-IR cut filter
Imaging method Hundreds of frames captured, best frames automatically selected
Stacking software Registax
Post processing Photoshop

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