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A friend of mine is running Linux on RISC-V based on this paper. If you are interested in good introduction to RISC look at this RISCV summary .

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OSX on Qemu: https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM

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The Synopsys Memory Compiler IP includes a set of configurable embedded and specialty compilers in different architectures. The embedded SRAMs include high-speed (HS), high-density (HD), ultra-high density (UHD), and extreme high-density (EHD) architectures and are enhanced to generate memories with the absolute minimum area and power, enabling designers to achieve aggressive critical path requirements. EHD, UHD, and HD embedded memory compilers minimize area and static, dynamic power consumption, while the HS embedded memory compilers provide a much higher level of performance. EHD compilers offer the lowest possible area. In addition, Synopsys eMRAM, TCAM and Multi-Port Memory Compilers helps SoC designers to achieve the high-performance and low-power SoC requirements of new and emerging markets.

Documentation Synopsys

More information coming soon.