Stallman Lecture in Lund, Sweden 2000-02-11

Presented to you by Datorföreningen vid Lunds universitet och Lunds tekniska högskola.

The filming was made by Bengt Ljungquist from CITU (Centrum för InformationsTeknik i Utbildningen, Lund University), and the MPEG files here are produced by Jan Engvald at LDC (Lunds DataCentral, Lund University). We thank both of them for their help in bringing you this lecture into cyberspace. Note: these files are kinda big, as you can see below. We had to create MPEG files because we want to use (1) an open (free) standard and (2) support viewing with free software only.

128 Kbit version:

High quality version:

Subtitled version:

Teddy Hogeborn has constructed a subtitled version (English) of the lecture which is available through FTP or HTTP.

MD5 Sums:

Here are MD5 Sums of the files so you can be sure they have been correctly transferred.

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