Optrox driver for Linux

The short story is: forget it.

These are the Optrox scanners:

  • Photomaker 3C (Parallel port)
  • Photomaker 3E (Parallel port)
  • Photomaker 3F (Special ISA card)
  • Photomaker 3S (Parallel port)
  • Photomaker 6E (Parallel port)
  • Photomaker 6F (Special ISA card)

A guess could be that F is for fast, E is for rEgular and S is for Sheet-fed. All exept 3S are Flat-bed scanners, the figure could be a hardware revision number.

What has happened?

  • I got an Optrox scanner.
  • It was used for some time on my Windows machine. (I admit to sins.)
  • The company Optrox Technology Corporation, in Taiwan, went out of business. The offices are now closed. (This has been confirmed by a former employee.)
  • I wanted to use the scanner on my Linux machine.
  • I contacted an former employee, who kindly forwarded my mail to the programmer that had been writing the Windows drivers for the Optrox scanner. I am still waiting for an answer...
  • As there hasn't been much of an anwer from the ex-Optrox people I have made dumps while running the scanner from Wine. This works excellently, as a matter of fact. Now I only (heh) need to reverse-engineer this protocol.
  • I gave up and put the scanner in the recycling room so someone using Windows can pick it up. Perhaps some day, someone will write a driver for it, but it won't be me.



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