Fedora Extras Packages

OK I confess, I make Fedora Extras packages. Don't tell me Debian is better than Fedora, you're wrong in my case: Debian is too slow. I need a fast (i.e. up-to-date) distribution that won't spend ages testing stuff. No, I don't run any high-end internet servers, I'm a plain desktop user.


Sidplay and libs

These probably cannot get into Fedora, there are ROM images inside sidplay2. libsidplay1 and an older xmms-sid are already in the Extras however.

Stuff I packed up for Fedora Extras and currently maintain

  • libbinio
  • adplug
  • adplay
  • xmms-adplug (adplug-xmms)
  • libnjb
  • gnomad2
  • nomadsync
  • gnokii (based on Ville Skyttä's package)
  • gnome-phone-manager
  • libmtp



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